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Video - Winnie January 10, 2004

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Here is a brief glimpse into the world of ICE Series.

Caught just this past Saturday, January 10th!!!

Winnie ICE Series - IceLeaders.com: 56K Modem - CLICK HERE

256k High Speed - CLICK HERE

Recommend that you Right Click on the 256k link and "Save Target As" to download to your PC. Then play it right off your PC. The 256k is a bigger picture with better sound.

Let us know what you think?


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I Can get great sound but no picture this has happened to me alot.
Any suggestions I have the lastest media player.

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Try going under tools tab,then internet options, then advanced tab. scroll down to muktimedia options and make sure the appropriate ones are checked, I have all mine checked and it works fine.
Great video!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Had a semi-productive weekend despite being cold and rainy most of the time.    Had a good talk with the neighbor. Gave me lots of tips for the area and shot the breeze for a while. Even though I have repeatedly told him he doesn't need to, he is going to move his stand. Also, found out the 2 parcels south of me have also recently sold, so there may be a bunch of newbies in the area.    A border patrol officer stopped by and chatted with us for a while. He seemed like great guy and resource for the area. He has actually hunted the land I bought in the past and his son took a bear out of there last year.    We got a bridge built. Probably just a temporary solution. Our power poles that we brought up were a little short to make it perfect but it will do it's purpose for now.     Seen 6 deer (or maybe the same group of 3, twice). Even found some bear droppings.    Didn't get much for trails in due to the wet weather but plan to head up again next weekend.    This is looking down the clearing to the east, my property.    Looking to the south. Property line is at the posted sign. Was sitting in this old stand for a while watching deer browse the clearing. 
    • I stopped by one evening at Palmer Lake and talked to the guys coming out at the end of the day a year or two ago.  They were pretty frustrated because they said the city picks out trees they can put their stands in and they were seeing Deer every day but just out of range of the tree.  I said, so they let hunters in to thin the Deer but they wouldn't let them hunt the way they know how to, by picking out their stand spots?  They can't get out of their stands to stalk a Deer as well. 😵  I guess the stand placement and no stalking is for public safety. But that would be a frustrating hunt watch them and can't go after them!
    • Awesome story! That's amazing your Dad can pull off trips like this at 69 yrs old! I can only hope to be in that kind of shape at that age.    Thanks for writing this up! 
    • A 9 year old may be a good enough shot to harvest a deer, but can he really comprehend what it means to take the life of an animal?  I'm all for taking kids hunting, but make sure they're mature enough to understand what it really means.
    • They have a meeting with everyone involved in the hunt, all hunters, coordinators, city officials, local police, all at the same time.  There's no way they can redo that to accomodate one hunter no matter how good an excuse he has.  That's why they draw alternates. Sorry, you lose this time, keep trying.
    • Without a doubt......NAP KILLZONE.  Shoot great and really drop the hammer when they connect with a deer.
    • Another win for the icefishinnut  with 323 pts. For win number 3 in the year.😀 2--Fishing_Novice             311 3--Juneau4                         292 4--BlackLundProV             283 5--Rip_Some_Lip               267 6--huckfin                           247 7--mnwildman                   239 8--rl_sd                                208 9--Swiveldigger                  80 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Season totals 1--Fishing_Novice                   7811 2--Juneau4                               7658                   The score in the top three are getting closer and with the ROVEL and Dega --🤔 3--BlackLundProV                   7654 4--huckfin                                 7485 5--icefishinnut                         7398 6--Rip_Some_Lip                     7384 7--mnwildman                         7265 8--Swiveldigger                        6971 9--rl_sd                                      6623   Good luck with the guesses this week. ( except for the  Fishing_Novice!😁 BlackLundProV could back off a Little too.😁   Good Luck in the mess this Week.
    • Sounds like a great trip and a really fun experience, congratulations! Thanks for all the pictures and sharing your story. I know that's a lot of work and it is much appreciated.
    • At this point we had one full day and one morning left to hunt.  No more elk moved into the drainage behind camp.  By some miracle a cow and spike did come back to the hillside we had elk on that first evening, but neither Dad or I could get in position quick enough before they went back over the fence.     All added up we had 2 very good opportunities, and one decent, which by our standards and past experience in general OTC type units was a pretty decent week of elk hunting even though no elk were killed.  We learned a lot about the unit and a potential better way to access the landlocked area behind us via a possible easement logging road, but we have to confirm that with the forest service at a later date.       You might be wondering what happened with our whitetail tags.   We had numerous run-ins with deer on an almost daily basis.  There were at least three occasions where does would feed right into camp, and it got to a point I kept my bow in the cook shack to try to shoot out of it as a blind.  They never stuck around long enough though to actually get a shot off.      Dad sat his tree stand a number of times above camp as he came down at sunset with enough time to sit in a tree for a half hour or so, but the deer always seemed to pass through the spots he could not shoot or see.  One time he climbed down to two deer staring at him from within range, he just did not see them coming...   Almost every evening we walked down the road behind camp we would kick up a deer or two bedding in the quakeys, but as the week progressed they clearly became more skittish of us.  I also tried hunting back down the gravel road and found some good spots where they crossed the road and creek, which if I actually focused on sitting over with a treestand I feel I could have shot a deer, but I wanted an elk more...        Our Elk B tags are good through rifle season, as are the deer tags.  If the stars align and my wife allows I might make a run back out.  I have an acquaintance in the area that I am checking with to see if he might be interested.       I hope Scoot and ArcherySniper come back to report better luck on their hunts.