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Rapala electric knife

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Electric definately makes it easier. I started using one about 12 years ago. When I started using it at fishing opener the first time all my fishing buddies laughed. Now they have them too. I've already wore out two mr twisters. I have an American fisherman now. The more you use it the better you get. When you do the rib bones try just kind of hooking them with the blade and scraping them out. I use them for the skin too. I can even cut out y bones out of northerns with it.

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love mine also but go about it a little different I start at the head removing it and then start at the tail and go forword following the back bone and though the ribs. Then when you do the flip side, the fish is flat and easy to do. then like some others scoop the ribs out with the elec. knife like kinda like using a spoon. Then and this is a little slippery but I hold on to the back of the fillet and take the knife at an angle about 30 to 40 deg. and side the knife though it and take the skin off. Nice and clean

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Congrats Tracy!!! This is being sent to you today!!!   Legends of the Outdoors  Hall of Fame Box Call
    • @Wallydog I’ve always considered you a top tier turkey hunter.  Year in and year out you’ve posted dandy birds and dandy pics.  One of the best ever that I’ve seen on the site.  Thank you for that!
    • St. Louis style ribs and taters on the smoker today.....
    • Congrats Wanderer.  Thanks for the participation award again!
    • Looked did then realized I don't believe his taste buds. He purposely was drinking Miller Lite. Yuk
    • I’d say it depends on how fast we want results and what the public will tolerate.  I do think a closure during their most vulnerable time is worth serious consideration.  We close the season for other fish for the same reason.  Now we’re realizing the never ending supply of quality panfish does really have an end.   It’s really going to be up to us to understand and accept the facts about how we affect the fisheries.  Getting this information out there and talking with each other is a big help.  I personally know several people who have changed their view on filling the live well or bucket with the most and biggest panfish they can to self imposed limits.  But I also know several people who are still proud as can be to bring home that pile of upper end fish, and worse yet making several repeat trips and bringing others with to do the same.  It’s hard to tell friends what their doing isn’t helpful.   One group of people can substantially fish down smaller lakes in 1-3 years and they’re fine with that.  On to the next lake.  I literally heard that just yesterday.  The limit was dropped on that particular lake to 5 this spring and that has curbed the number of trips they’ve been taking out there.  To me, it doesn’t get to be any clearer than that.   Minky, your practice sounds like what we need to get that 10% group of takers to adopt.
    • Wanderer, any ideas? Would the reduced limit and one over 9 or 10 inches be enough? Should there be a short season closure in the late winter / early spring?  Only catch and release in May and June. I love catching them, eating a few and releasing the rest.
    • here is a new idea to try:  
    • I would have to say that Wanderer is the biggest turkey so he gets my vote. 😀
    • I was out at a local lake last night and found the gills on beds with a few crappies mixed in.  I was learning the lake and planned on keeping moving and targeting bass but couldn’t resist pulling a few pannies in.  As always it was fun but I didn’t keep any and ran into several beds. They were topping out at a solid 8 inches on the board.   As I moved along I could see someone down the line, I thought maybe he was fishing bass also but he didn’t move until I got within about 75 yards.  When I got to the spot he was fishing there was another set of beds but I couldn’t see a fish on them.  Threw my bait in and didn’t get bit.     I’ve been that guy before but I’ve seen that scenario play out too many times to be OK with it anymore.  I know the panfish get hammered all winter and that’s probably putting the biggest hurt on the population but stripping the beds is something we really need to curb IMO.
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