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Dan Mawer

Musky location/success when catching unintended bucketmouths?

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Anyone that wants to chime in on this would be appreciated:

A certain lake I usually fish for Musky I repeatedly have huge bucketmouths (5 lb range) nailing my large lures (suick, grandma, even a burned bucktail). While it's great to get this quality action that I wasn't intending, I'm wondering if I can use this as a tool to help tell me if I'm in the right location for Musky.

My question is this...does the fact that I'm catching bass in these locations necessarily mean that muskies are/are not close by? Seems to me that although bass would certainly be in the size range of musky prey my impression is that they aren't a common food item.

So I could say that if bass are feeding in these areas maybe on perch, that muskies should also be in the vicinity because perch are around. But on the contrary if bass are prey of musky too and bigger meals than perch wouldn't they try to not actively feed in the same areas as musky? By the way this is commonly happening on the windy side of the lake in weed reefs (prime musky locations?) - even in large rollers (3-5 ft). I guess it could just be an indicator of aggressive bass and nothing more.

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Take this anyway you want but I have caught gills through the ice with a mid 40" muskie and a decent northern in veiw of the camera hanging out in the background on more than 1 occasion. I have also seen a bass get ate by a muskie under the ice. I belive most fish share an area its when its feeding time the small ones get nervouse.

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