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Steve Foss

Hosta la vista, baby!

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Yeah, yeah, I know, Telly Savalas was a LONG time ago! Just couldn't resist. gringrin

I was out to change the nectar in the hummingbird feeder when last night's rain collecting in these hostas caught my eye. I am a hosta fan from way back, they being my favorite shade perennial, and so of course we have quite a few around the place.

When I find myself in a rut photographically, I like to walk around the yard or go out into the woods, places I know intimately, and try to see them in new ways.

Feeling a little ruttish lately, I explored some hosta, with the woods to follow. The only limits to the way we express the world are limits we set ourselves.

All with the 30D and 17-40f4L at iso200

Blues and greens I

1/10 at f22, 36mm, +1 stop exposure compensation, tripod, remote shutter release



1/13 at f22, 40mm, +1EC, tripod, remote release


Blues and greens II

1/50 at f9, 40mm, +1EC, handheld


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The second shot does it for me.

Wasn't Kojak's line "Who loves ya baby"?

The Terminator's was "Hasta la vista baby". grin

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    • I took wings, thighs and legs and put rib rub on them and let them sit for 4 hours then I smoked them for about 90 minutes this morning. Tonight I put them on the grill to crisp up and slathered with Famous Dave's. I seem to kill chicken on the grill but with the smoker I can regulate better plus all that flavor. Only way I'll do chicken now!
    • The grain belt is a bigger sin.😁
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