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Golden shiners. Are they always gold in color?

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Was at Gander today to check out there golden shiners. Looked at them and they are silver in color.
I asked if they had changed from gold to silver shiners and they said no. These were the same shiners me and my son looked at last week and they were as gold as could be.
They guys a Gander said they change color because of the tank they're in. Is this possible or true?
I've seen tanks at minnows shops that had posted golden shiners in one tank and silver shiners in another and they wanted more money for the goldens!
What gives?

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Golden Shiners do lighten up in colar if stored in white tanks but most times about this time of year a lot of whole salers run out of local Goldies and they have to be brought in from southern states for some reason they are more silver in colar and run on the bigger side. Goldies most times cost retailers 10 to 15 dollars more a gallon than river or lake shiners and since they are larger you get less in a gallon there for the higher price.

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Shinner or roaches...
Down here you have a lake shinner, roaches, and then golden roaches. The golden roaches have fines that look yellow in color. The roaches have black/gray fine. Then the lake shinner is your every day skinny long shinner. Now the its gets confussing when you go north, roaches get called shinners, and you dont see lake shinners. So if some one is talking golden shinner, I think they mean golden roach

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