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Knotted up over this....

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I have been ice fishing now for a few years. I feel like I am starting to get the hang of it, but I am ready to take it to the next level and need a little advice.

Horizontal jigs seem to do really well on the Colorado Resevoirs. I am having a hard time finding a knot that will:

1) Keep my jig horizontal, even if it is tipped with a meal worm.
2) Won't spin my jig around too much.

Not to ask more than one question per thread, but...everyone talks about making sure your line, reel, rod and jig are all complementary. Can someone please share some "guiding concepts" on how to match these and what to "look out for?"

Thanks in advance,

This Forum ROCKS!

Colorado Ice Man

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Colorado you will probably get as many different opinions as you get replies.
I'll give you some of the things that have worked for me.
1) If I'm using a horizontal jig I always try to keep the knot at the top of the eye, and check it often to make sure it is tight.
2) I tie a small swivel about 12" to 18" above my jig to keep it from spinning. This also allows me to use a flourocarbon leader.
Just my way of doing it.

I use the Trilene knot on mono and flourocarbon and the palomar on braided (PowerPro) and unifilament (Fireline).
Good Luck & Good Fishing. Lucky

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I second the advice about the swivel up the line and fluorocarbon leader, although for my applications (somewhat long ice rods for walleyes and lake trout) my swivel is about three feet up. The fisherman's knot works just fine for all these applications, or the improved fisherman's knot if you prefer that.

Also, make sure your knot is TIGHT to the eye, which will tend to keep it in whatever position you put it (the simple fisherman's knot is tight as a drum in this application, and has well over 90 percent knot strength). And sometimes, with a jig tipped with bait that's heavy toward the back, you need to swivel the knot so it's on the part of the hook eye toward the back of the bait, in order for it to hold horizontal.

"Worry less, fish more."
Steve Foss
[email protected]

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