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Any Pa. anglers out there? This weekend ought to bo good to get on the ice, lots of cold weather here. I live near Black Moshannon, and Sayers lake. I fish for pike, pickerel & bass, but would like to catch perch & crappies by jigging. Could anyone tell me what good jigs-bait combos. work the best, and at what depth i can constantly catch theese fish?
good fishing

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I grew up in northern Virginia and fished PA a lot, mainly for smallies and trout. Now I live in Minnesota.
You'll find northerns, and probably pickerel, near weed growth edges if they are fairly deep. If there are no or few weeds it becomes tougher to locate these fish, but woody cover will also hold them. They'll feed in daylight and low-light hours and become tough to catch after dark. A larger bait in a stationary or stable presentation is good, hence the use of tipups a lot. A deadsticked minnow under a float is also good but secure that rod because when they take it they'll go off quickly. Pike also take dead baits, and larger baits tend to take larger fish.
Perch are also daylight feeders. You tend to find them in the shallower structures of lakes up here, and on dropoffs and rocks as much as weed edges. Up here they're markers for walleye feeding areas--small perch are key forage for walleyes. Use small jigs and any bait you'd fish for local panfish, especially crappie minnows or minnow parts. Perch up here tend to be pretty bottom oriented--rarely suspend.
Crappies tend to be deep-water suspended in the winter. Look for a basin or hole near good weed or wood forage areas that might hold them in the warm water months. THey'll move around in groups and if you can find a few you usually find a bunch. They can be very picky biters, and will often contemplate a bait from an inch away and then refuse it. Also they can bite very lightly, so look for spring bobbers or slip-float rigs that will show a very subtle bump. For example, if you rig a small jig under a bobber the strike will often make the float rise or fall over as the fish takes the bait--that is, it isn't pulled down but actually lightened. Expect to hunt a lot for crappies but once you find an area that holds them it will be reliable for a long time.

good luck


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oh, also, crappies will feed best in low-light and often on into the night like walleyes.

Let me know how it goes.


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    • I had problems with my 02. I found that the plug on the truck side going to the plug at the bumper was corroded. I hope that made sense I cleaned it up and put dielectric grease on it.    
    • I would put some Seafoam in the ga.........................  oh never mind. 😁
    • I rode the trails around big lake today, mostly to get used to the new trails. trails were awesome, they must have groomed last night, rode to becker and back and some other playing around. all in all I put on 42 miles today. I will ride into the orrock area tomorrow. don't ride that much around here anymore, mostly aitkin co. now. looks like the trails around the sand dunes look good, I will give it a shot tomorrow.
    • I'm guessing not much. I know the one pounders threads can start to rust in a humid environment, but am not sure if that would be an issue if still attached? I know nothing about propane augers,  is there an oil tank to keep the engine lubed? And if so, does it need to be refreshed or drained every once in a while? It's not like you need to worry about bad gas gumming up the system.   Mostly,  I'm just replying to give you something to read TJ. Hopefully somebody else will chime in with more knowledge.  
    • Possibility of moisture getting into them after washing the stove top and around the burners? My wife is good at that.
    • I get it, like the woman in the commercial. You are clever. 
    • Fleet Farm currently has Kingsford 15.4lb x 2 for $8.  About the same per pound as the summer sales.
    • We have a 6 year old Frigidare gas range and the ignitors on the top burners seem to be controlled by a ghost.  Sometimes one doesn't work, sometimes another.  Any ideas?   Thanks for your time. Tom
    • Make sure the adapter wiring matches the diagram on the cover of your female plug-in on your truck too.  Some use the center pin for backup lights,  yet others it is an auxiliary.  Also make sure that the lobe on the male is lining up with the lobe on the female plug-in too.
    • Trailer, one side, brake and turns dont work, same wire, same bulb filament.  Sounds like a ground problem.  With other tow vehicles its ok.  Are these 7 pin to 4s?  Could be the wrong adapter?  Not all 7 to 4 pins are the same.  Sometimes too that bad ground seeks its path through the hitch.