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Power Auger World Championship

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Is anyone participating in the 2004 Power Auger World Championship at Breezy Point tomarrow? First I herd about it was today on the news. Does anyone know where to get info.on it?

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I would love to check that out, but I'm going to Winnie with the gang. StrikeMaster Lazer mag Xpress was the 2003 champ in the stock 2 hp division I hope they can go for a repeat.

en kala
(I fish)

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So who won this event? I am trying to find it on the web, but I just see previews...



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I was wondering the same, this is all I could find on it so far (post from another board)...

Subject : RE: World Ice Auger Championships.....Please Read!
Posted : 2004-01-11 8:23 PM
Post #3830 - In reply to #3788

The World Ice Auger Competitions were held in near Nisswa, Minnesota this weekend, sponsored by Strikemaster Augers. The manufacturers present were Nils Master and Strikemaster. Augers that competed there were:

2 Jiffys, 1 Eskimo, 3 Nills Master, 1 “1972” Kluge, and approximately a dozen Strikemasters.

The handauger competition was interesting. The results, of course, were somewhat dependant on the contestant's experience and strength. 2 holes had to be drilled back to back back through 20" of ice. Strikemaster won the hand auger competition with Nils Master caming in a very close second. There was eight tenths of a second seperating first and second place. The Strikemaster had a cut time of 19 seconds and the Nils Master a cut time of 19.8 seconds. Those were the only two brands of hand augers in the competition.

The power auger competition had 4 divisions; Stock Women’s, Stock Men’s, Vintage, and Modified.
The women’s division featured only Strikemaster augers furnished by Strikemaster. There were no competing brands.

The men’s stock competition was a little heated. There were a few 'personal'augers entered, several Strikemaster Lazers Expresses, a Jiffy Model 30 and a Stealth, a 1972 Kluge, and an Eskimo Shark.

In a segment of the competition the Nils Master and Strikemaster augers were both right out the box and followed manufacturer's recommendations for fuel and oil mixtures. Nils Master was the fastest in head to head competition with factory warranty approved oil mixtures and types, and factory recommended fuels.

Strikemaster won overall head to head competition with the Nils Master, entering an auger fueled with 98 Octane gas mixed at 75:1 with synthetic oil. The factory warranty recommendation is 24:1 with 93 Octane or lower. Nils Master competed with factory recommended 93 Octane fuel mixed at factory recommended ratios. A Nils Master representative questioned the fuel/oil use by the competition, but the judges disallowed the protest.

The Final Standings were as follows: 1st Strikemaster, 2nd Nils Master, 3rd “1972” Kluge, and 4th Nils Master.

As far as the modified augers go, WOW!!!!!! Those guys were crazy. Huge Chain saw engines were connected directly to the augers. The drill units must have been spinning 20,000 rpms. If the guy who was operating the auger happened to slip, there was a tether kill switch. Very dangerous!!! When it was done, the fastest time for three holes back to back in 20” of ice was 8.6 seconds. That was FAST!!!!!!

I had a great trip with Zach and met some new people from Minnesota. Wisconsin folks live for Ice festivals and Parties on the ice, but celebrate a bit more than our Minnesota counterparts.

With all the people on the ice, I think I only saw 1 guy with a beer!

Thanks to Zach for the technical backup and filming!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Mmm mm Thanks!!!!!!!!
    • your package went in the mail today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Figured I'd loop back on this with an update.  I ended up getting the Weber Spirit 3 burner.  Picked it up at Ace Hardware.  Its the same price everywhere ($449) but Ace will assemble it, deliver it, and haul away the old one for no charge.  Bought it Saturday morning had it sitting on the back patio by 3pm that same afternoon.   I ended up looking at a lot of grills including many brands of gas grills, pellet grills, and some charcoal grills.  There were some other gas grills that I liked, they looked to be made solidly from good materials and they came at a decent price.  However, they all lacked a decent warranty.  The webers use less stainless steel than some of the others and I'm not 100% sure what the china production will do to the quality and longevity of a Weber but they do come with the best warranty that I saw.  I believe grates and flavorizer bars have a 5 year warranty and everything else has a 10 year warranty.  Customer service and part availability was also a big selling point.  Weber parts look to be easily available and if you do end up having to replace the grate, flavorizer bars, and burners it will only set you back $150 which should get you many more years out of the grill.    I let my almost 3 year old son pick the color since he came with to help pick it out.  I couldn't argue with his choice of red.  It is clearly the fastest looking grill, now I just need to add a racing stripe. 
    • Saturday morning I was able to put my tag on a nice bird. If I did no get to put some scouting time in I would of moved too fast. I knew these bird was going to show up but he never made a peep on roost or the ground. I was able to call in the hens with him following. The hens yelped twice on the ground and that was it. Had other birds gobbling but I knew this guy was around. It was him with 3 Jakes and 3 hens that pretty much stayed by themselves and nothing to do with the larger group of birds. I was able to see him the Saturday before opener and trail cameras showing he was coming through around 720 each morning. I shot him at 7:15 plan worked out great. 20 Gauge is becoming my favorite gun for turkeys. He was just a couple oz’s shy of 24lbs. double beard 11inch, spurs 1inch. Some big birds dropping. My dads was 25lbs and Protourbait above 24. Might head back to NE this weekend see how the week goes. I have WI left for a couple tags.
    • I personally don't use hens often.  When I do she's in a breeding position near a strutting tom.  I usually go jakes of various postures or no decoys.  I like to keep them guessing where that hen is at.  I've had too many mature Tom's hang up, strut and gobble until the real hens show up to escort him away when using just hens.
    • What would be the reasoning behind just using hen\ hens decoys? To put the toms at ease? I usually use the standard hen / jake combo.
    • Nice!   Yep, that looks just the way I hope to find em!  Nada for me but maybe if I get some time in the turkey woods I’ll have some better luck.
    • That's one cut I need to do on the pellet smoker. Everything so far has turned out real moist and tender,  I'm guessing since the door seals up so tight. I prefer as well to slice that day, the leftovers can go in the crockpot for shredding.. I better go get one.
    • Num that looks awesome. Bet the carcass would boil up to make a mighty fine tasty soup too!
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