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More old farm houses

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I guess I am attracted to these old houses since I live in a 100+ year old house in a rural area, and I love the history. I drove down to Sioux Falls today from Cottonwood, and was determined to finally take a picture of this house before it fell down.


This house was a happy find while giving my hubby rides so he could move equipment this afternoon. On the back roads I was driving down, my van was almost attacked by a goose protecting her goslings - all of whom were running down the center of the gravel road! It was pretty funny. No geese or minivans were hurt during this excursion.

Handheld and cropped.


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Now that second image in particular is a total winner in my book. Great comp, with the horizontal lines of brown grass, green grass, green trees and blue sky setting off the blockiness and diagonal roof lines of the old house.

Did you get in close for any detail work? I've had a couple commissions shooting old farms and other buildings, and the emotion that can be drawn from detail shots is sometimes surprising.

Excellent work here!

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The only way to get up there was a really soggy looking field road. I didn't want to chance getting the minivan stuck - which had almost happended earlier. That whole area is pretty wet right now.

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    • I stick pretty simple on full chickens.... A couple of pads of garlic butter under the skin and a little olive oil rub down on DRY skin (very important to have dry skin if you want it to be crispy when you are done). Seasoned the big one with Lawry's and the small one with Weber Kick'n Chicken. Heated the grill up to 375. Both birds were done in a little over an hr..... Pretty cheap and easy - and the wife is getting sick of pork so,,,,,,
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    • dat looks darn good!!!!   what seasonings this time??  
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    • Pretty cheap fun if you ask me....  
    • mikhas24 Welcome to the forum.  If you look up about 6 posts Pat K shared the link that should have you covered. Good Luck.