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To ground or not to ground?

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I posted awhile ago about a problem with a bow mount (24 volt) Minnkota when I hook up the dpeth finder to the universal sonar. My brother who is a bit smart than me figures that because we have the dpeth finder wired directly to the ignition battery (12 volts) but the transducer for it is hooked up to the T/M wich is 24 volts we should ground the ignition battery to the negative side of the 24 volt set up. Does that make sense? Also, not sure if my description makes sense, if not I can further clarify.

thanks - erik

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FYI - it is US1 not US2. I know US2 do not need to be grounded between starting and TM batts. Thanks for any info, we are trying to ge the front sonar working without making the motor go goofy...

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It would be worth a shot I guess to connect the two and see what happens... you could use a one half of the jumper cable to connect the two - that, or connect the depth finder wires to the trolling motor battery via jumper cables from where they would connect to the starting battery to the trolling motor battery temporarily.


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    • I'd like to see you cut them in half first.......😋
    • Hello from the NW Angle!

      Water temperatures are starting in the low 70’s in the morning, reaching mid to upper 70’s in the evening.

      Minnesota walleye action can be hot running deep diving crank-baits straight, down rigging or lead core. Soft bottom areas can also be worked with spinners and a night crawler.  Fish have been favoring gold on bright days and orange, chartreus or pink in low light.  Many larger northern pike this last week in the boat via crank-baits just outside of rock reefs and points.

      Canadian walleye fishing has been more productive away from reefs and points in soft bottomed areas. The best method is to pull a spinner to find concentrations along the bottom and switch to jigging to fill out limits.

      Musky attitude in Canada varies day to day. Plenty of fish are still being caught in shallow weeds including a couple of 50+ giants this past week.  Fish are also being caught in more traditional mid-summer spots such as rock reefs and points.  The most productive baits this week were crane baits or other flat baits, buck tails and top waters. 

      Until next week,
      Sunset Lodge
    • we do a package similar to big dave's shrimp boil but with walleye layer of sliced new taters on the bottom, then the walleye filet, add carrots, bell pepper and sweet onion from the garden, w/butter pat and old bay i seal the packet and poke once with a fork to let some of the steam escape. on the grill at 350 for 40 minutes  
    • 5 qts pickled green beans, 2-2gal jars cukes.
    • Port Washington has been hot but mostly cohos.  A lot can change in a couple weeks.  Will wait and keep our options open as long as we can.
    • Do you boil the eggs before smoking them?
    • that's my thoughts to Bobber...
    • Good question Mike,  although eggs take on a lot of smoke fairly quick it might be worth trying it both ways. Whatta got too lose, eggs are cheap!!  🤓