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heater ventilation safety

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We have a 6x8 on runners. It has a ridge vent running down the length of the roof, just like what's used on a house. Also about 6 inches up off the floor at each end we have a 3 inch round adjustable air inlet. We used a Mr. Heater last year, along with a co2 sensor. There were no problems, but the cold weather seems to mess with the sensor bateries.
#1) Should we take the batteries in and out of the sensor each time it is used?
#2) Do we have enough ventilation?

We think we do since the only time the co2 sensor went off was because of low batteries.
We are from Ohio and aren't able to use the shanty that often. That's why we don't go with a vented system. Thanks for the feedback. COME ON BUCKEYE ICE !

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Sounds like you are doing it right, just keep fresh batteries in the detector. I would not stay in an unvented house without one…

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Keeping a CO detector in the shack is an excellent idea. Maybe you could bring rechargeables with you each time so it has fresh batteries. Also, try stepping out into fresh air periodically as this will help offset the effects of the CO. Although venting is the best solution.
Also, be able to recognize the effects of CO. Generally ill feeling, sleepiness, headaches, etc can signal CO levels in the blood that are too high. What happens with CO poisoning is that CO binds to the hemoglobin in the blood stronger and more easily than oxygen does. And as the hemoglobin fills with CO, it has less ability to carry oxygen. When your brain doesn't get enough oxygen, bad things happen. Older/younger people are at most risk. Average adults intake CO daily, but they are in fresh air often enough to off-gas the CO.

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For day use, if the vents supply enough
oxygen for the occupents, plus the heater, you should be safe, with the co detector.

For overnight use, I would think serously
about a fully vented heater, plus the co
detector for insurance.

Just my 2

Breath Easy;


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