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Ed Carlson

~On Ice Battery Care Tips~

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Underwater camera systems tend to eat up battery juice rather quickly. In real cold conditions they do so even faster. You need to try to keep the battery well maintained and warm for best performance on all electronics systems while on the ice.

By keeping the battery well maintained, protected, and warm, be it a underwater camera, or a sonar, it will last much longer and preform far better. I doubled the charge life on my electronics on the ice with two simple tricks.

#1 Wrap the battery with a thin Styrofoam wrap.
(Like a common thin wrap used in packing.)

#2 Slip in a small Chemical Hand Warmer Heat Pack in next to, or under, the battery during freezing conditions.
(Inside a soft pack lay the heat pack between the flasher and the battery.)

If you plan a lot of underwater camera viewing over a Long cold weekend these tips will greatly extend your battery storage life on the ice. Underwater camera systems especially requires a good battery to preform well. Keeping an extra charged battery on hand is a big plus if you plan extended observations in very cold conditions.

The combination of the simple thin foam wrap and a Hard Warmer Chemical Pack will offer some cheap and easy insurance for your battery system. It will likely last as long as you do on the ice and then some, even in -0 temps. It is also well advised to recharge all batteries after every use.

Remember, a warm and well maintained battery, is a happy battery. Plus a far more effective and happier ice-fisherman.

Good Fish'n!

Ed "Backwater Eddy" Carlson

Backwater Guiding
"ED on the RED"
[email protected]

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Another easy trick. Get some 2 inch styrofoam used to insulate building walls. Set that on the ice and your electronics on top. Works good. You can also put some under your feet and you will be suprised how warm your feet stay.

Good Fishin,


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