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Sometimes Knowing When to Quit is Good

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Well I had a great day on Sunday fishing all day on Prior with my friend Paul and Mr.Clean.

Mr. Clean didn't have such a great day, though. I thought I'd share this story with eeryone so hopefully the next guy will learn when to say when.

It all started during a little exploratory trip on the 4 wheeler to a back cove of the lake. On the way, the sled we were pulling hit a ridge, flipped, and all our gear kind of exploded out of the sled.

Next, we got close to the entrance to the cove and we intelligently decided to walk the sled across the shallow water entrance. Mr. Clean went first (Thanks Mr. Clean) and proceeded to go through up to his waist.

Most guys would have quit for the day right there.........but no. We stayed in the cove with no shack and fished for an hour or more. Than we headed back to base camp where Paul was still catching a few. I went to start dinner on the stove and realized we had frozen deer burger and no knife, but I managed to make it work.

Then Lance realizes his battery powered lamp in his shack isn't going to work and he has no lantern. But does he give up.....no, he tries to rewire a 12v flahlight to work off the battery, that doesn't work....

But does he give up.....no, he calls his wife, has her go to the store and buy him a lantern. (Thanks Mrs. MrClean for the chips and smokes).

So after all this, effort to stay out after dark, the bite was so slow it was painful....

What's the moral of this story?

Know when to call it a day.

Had a great time anyway Lance......Better luck next time. You must have that woman whipped pretty good to be able to send her for supplies when you're fishing.

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Pluggers..Yup-yup, true Pluggers!

Trod on, it's got to get better...right?

Been there, done that!


Ed "Backwater Eddy" Carlson

Backwater Guiding
"ED on the RED"
[email protected]

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I must say my wife is pretty good at helping me out in tough situations.I would say that has to be one of the most unlucky days of fishing Ive ever had.After all that work of trying to set up for the night bite for me only to catch 2 crappies. It was still better than going to work.

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Yea,those days occur where nothing goes right. I had something like that happen today. The fishing was good but I got a speeding ticket on my way to the lake, and almost got in an accident on my way back. Was in a pretty sour mood regardless of all the fish.

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