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Sorry bout the caps, excited! Winter break is here for those of us still in school regardless of level. All I know is besides the x-mas festivites I'm gonna be out on the lake as much as possible. Any one else feeling this vast freedom to fish the next few weeks? Planning on heading out all over the cities, and maybe a trip up to Winnie. With my first couple outings so far have been pretty successful, I'm pumped! Sorry all, just had to let some of this out now since I gotta bear one more day...

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yeah i know the feeling, one more final tomorrow at 10 am and i am outta here grin.gif..bout **** time! them its out on the ice for a great month!

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I agree, last final was at 9 0'clock on thursday, won't hit the lake until sunday, but from then until mid january, i'll be sitting on a box in the "black hole" (my buddy and i named our house) Can't wait!!!!!!!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Not a fan of leaders, far fewer bites with them on.   I typically run 4 or 6 lb test.  I do run 8 lb in water less than 8-10 ft.  I do this because thr fight is usually off to the sides of the hole, and the line contacts the ice edge at sharper angles.    
    • Just ordered the 16 piece jig kit yesterday. I am excited to get them and get out on the ice as soon as it is safe!
    • Hey,   What lb test line should I be using for Walleyes?  I've been using 4 lb but that seems a little light and I don't want to lose the big one, but don't want to get too heavy either.  Also, what's your input on using a leader?  I haven't but just wondering if I am missing something.
    • In my experience the best solution is to have both a single stage and a 2 stage.  The better 2 stage blowers out there will probably be fine for 90% of our snowfalls and in most cases they do a better job on the smaller snowfalls because they scrape the driveway cleaner.  The 2 stages are nice for the really big snowfalls, windblown drifts, and the snowplow drifts.  You can always deal with the lager snow falls by getting out once during the storm to clear the driveway so you don't have so much to do once its all done.    I've had ok luck with a Snapper single stage handling snow plow drifts and smaller wind blown drifts.  You have to go slow and maybe chop up the drift with a shovel if its too big but its doable.  Even if you have to break up the drift a little with a shovel that can be easier than maneuvering a large 2 stage at times.    If I could only have one blower I'd probably opt for one of the larger single stage blowers.  My wife has a hard time handling my large Toro 2 stage and most of the time its just over kill for smaller snowfalls and ends up taking more time than a good single stage would. My mother in law has the Snapper single stage and she can run that just fine on her own so I think almost anyone could. 
    • I would go with DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel). You can find it on-line just a bit pricey unless ypu have a steel supplier nearby that can order it. http://www.aladdinsteel.com/products/dom_seamless_tubing/?gclid=CjwKCAjwwdTbBRAIEiwAYQf_E0tV3qM59rsqxJ1i9ao2mL2_KQ8HhbIdOj_i1FHOUOd9ycq8L9tY0BoCQbIQAvD_BwE#top 1/16, .062 could produce a lot of shift depending on the lenght of your pivot arm. I like .020 max and grove the solid in a level wind criscross pattern for grease distribution. Being steel on steel grease often. During summer also and drop/raise house several times.
    • I think you are good , you need to have room for a ton of grease.
    • I have an 8-10 year old 2 stage toro snow thrower that I have had no issues with, however looking to purchase a single stage Honda (HS720ASA).  At home I have a relatively flat concrete driveway 40 feet long by 33 feet wide.  I also have a paved walkway and patio leading to the front door.  The toro works great, but it is so bulky to maneuver and seems like overkill for what I am clearing.  Also, when I am out of town and it snow, the wife is not able to use the two stage.  The single stage might be easier for both of us, but I don't want to buy something that will be insufficient.  I live in the cities, in a culdesac, and get large piles of snow at the end of my driveway.  My question is if others who have purchased a single stage under similar conditions have been happy with their purchase?   I can use the Toro at our cabin around the garage, house and parking areas.  I have been digging up my lawn with the ATV plow and am tired of reseeding every spring.  Hopefully this will give me the best of both worlds.  Appreciate the insight.
    • Decided to build own house. Going to do a 8x16 single axle. Question I have is the axle pivot setup, only steel I could find that would fit is 2"ID double X tube and 1 15/16" solid. Putting it inside the 2" has some play approx 1/16". What I want to know is how much play is allowed? I don't want to have stuck rusted pivots. The tube will be about 10-12" long. Open to suggestions, TIA
    • Thank you for the replies!
    • Fork Horn.  Welcome to the forum and thanks for the ice report.