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Gear for kids

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My daughter (8) and son (5) are starting to get into ice fishing -- good thing. I want to get them each a rod/reel for Christmas so they don't need to borrow mine. I'm thinking about the undermount spincast type reel (seems a little easier for the kids than a spinning reel). Anybody have any recommendations on particular brands/models?


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If you are fishing in a nice warm fishhouse and dont use slip bobbers, as the slip knot seems to catch in the reel they should work. I would really look at the spinning reels though as they work much better in my opinion.

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So you want to take a couple of little "tanglers" out on the ice.
KISS - "Keep It Simple Stupid" would be my advice.

There's a lot of cheap Chi-com made combos with junky reels out there. I'd recommend a good quality reel as a starter. $20.00 bracket,(Quantums are good). The cheap reels have crappy drags that will lock up and cause lot's of grief.
Your 8yr old should be able to run a spinning reel,and you'll be helping the younger one out most of the time so you might as well rig him up with one too.

Then get a cheaper-heavier weight rod. The kids don't need a real sensitive graphite setup - It'll eventually lose two or three tips anyway. And they'll be fishing with bobbers so they don't need to feel the bite. Get em a regular broomstick with big eyes. (Not too long either)

Rig with a single hook (kids and trebles don't mix too well) ice fly type lure,jig,willowspoon,or a jig-abit etc. You want the hook to have some weight to get the bait down (that way you don't have to mess with both hooks and splitshots).

For a bobber, You can't beat ice buster bobbers.
And oh yeah - make sure you have a floating ice scoop like The Big Dipper, or Little Dipper, cause kids love to scoop slush and snow, and a metal one will disappear in a minute or two at the most.

And make sure you bring extra mittens,socks and boots- and a handful of Valium's for yourself.

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hey Scott

Did you mean the undermount bait cast reels? For kids, that's what I would suggest--less tangle and mess. I bought a Quantum Xtra Lite reel with the trigger at Walmart last year and I really like it. It's the only thing I use when fishing panfish.


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