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Matt Johnson

Using Bio Bait to Desired Buoyancy

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Using Bio Bait to achieve desired buoyancy...

Bio-Bait is made of soy and real prey flesh.
It is live bait... you do not have to keep alive.

Bio-Bait floats. If it is pulled off the hook it floats to the surface. On the surface, it can be safely eaten by birds. It contains about 75% protein and is fully digestible. A large piece of Bio-Bait can float a small jig!

I suggest you try using Bio-Bait not only as a flavor and scent attractor, but as a way to make your lures more buoyant and fall slower. Slow falling bait has great advantage in some vertical jigging and drifting situations. Large baits that are near neutral buoyancy can be more easily eaten by fish. When a fish opens its mouth, it pulls in water and "inhales" the bait. Heavy baits resist being sucked in. Neutral buoyant baits are much more easily pulled into the fish's mouth.

The buoyancy and "action" of large lures, jigs, and spoons can be altered with the use of Bio-Bait. Many times, suspicious fish tend to drop a lure when they feel any weight. Bio-Bait can lighten any lure in water. This can be of great advantage when a larger hook is desired. Using Bio-Bait allows a fisherman to use heavier jigs than one normally would. Along with using heavier jigs comes a bigger hook. Many times a fisherman uses lighter jigs that are made with smaller hooks when trying to present baits in shallow water. Lighter jigs are more snag resistant and present slower falls... and allow a jig to "swim" without plowing into the bottom. The buoyancy of Bio-Bait is an aid that allows you to use heavier jigs made with larger hooks.

A 1/2 ounce jig dressed with a large piece of Bio-Bait weighs 1/2 ounce in air. The jig casts like a 1/2 ounce jig. The buoyancy of Bio-Bait changes the weight of the jig once in water. Dressed with a large piece of Bio-Bait, a 1/2 ounce jig will weigh a fraction of what it normally would in water. Weighing less in water makes the jig fall much slower.

When using small jigs and ice lures, is possible to achieve neutral buoyancy using Bio-Bait. In fact you can float these lures with a large enough piece of Bio-Bait. By adjusting the size ratio of Bio-Bait to your lure, the fall rate can be made super slow. Slow falls give lures more time to be seen by the fish. Adding buoyancy may also affect a lures action which may allow you to fish it in an unconventional manner.

Bio Bait is something new that can add that extra triggering power needed to catch fish when out on the water. The ability to have real crawfish, worms, minnows, right in your pocket for easy access right in a little baggy or pouch is an excellent way to fish more efficiently. Bio Bait is easy to use, and is an easy way to catch fish. Bio Bait smells like the real thing, tastes like the real thing, and can very easily be mimicked to look and act like the real thing…to the fish, it is the real thing! Bio Bait will turn some heads out on the water, both fishermen and fish!!!

Good Fishin,
Matt Johnson

First Choice Guide Service

[email protected]
Catch-N Tackle and Bio Bait

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Well Thank God for your wife. Shes a saint. 😇
    • 1 x 6 untreated red cedar bds cut to 15" for the weber has worked good for me. You can get lots of cooks on one board.  It's a lot cheaper than getting them at a grill store. The salmon looks good!
    • Yes, it's Food Grade cedar! 😋
    • Seeing the plank brings up a question.   Is that cedar that is sold as cooking planks any different than the stuff sold at the lumber yard for various purposes, like siding or roofing or docks?   
    • solo o... FALTA PESCAAA.. 
    • Last friday of lent and Coborns had a flash sale on fresh salmon so I put some on my overpriced pellet grill.   Good thing my wife talks me into sacrificing eating meat on Fridays of lent, you know, for Jesus.    
    • Got up early and put this small piece of brisket on my overpriced pellet smoker. I've never done one this small but my buddy who owns a meat market gave it to me at half price to get rid of it. It's  almost foiling time now at 10:30 am.
    • I’m in St. Cloud for Easter weekend, and decided to check out nearby Little Rock Creek. I had very low expectations. There’s a few easements, and a nice little wildlife management area, but the creek really isn’t very fishable. Water was pretty high, and banks were flooded. Overhanging brush would make fishing impossible in summer. Didn’t catch anything. Wasn’t disappointed though. Now I know not to bother again. Was still a nice morning for a walk in the country.
    • Haha. So, her boots kept falling off so much (several sizes too big), she eventually put them on the wrong feet. I tried telling her that, which is always a losing battle on my part. I thought maybe, that if they were on the wrong feet, they would stay on better. They did not.   This is the best time of year to take kids out trout fishing. No leaves on the trees, brush is still dead and matted down, so casting and walking are super easy.
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