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    When you enchant people, you fill them with delight and yourself in return. Have Fun!!!

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ICE Series!!!

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Looking for some fun on the ice?
How about the chance to win some really great prizes such as-

Otter Den
Barracuda Ice Auger
Quikflip Ice House
Thorne Bros Ice Rod.
Some DVD's
Gear from Colombia

Lures from-
Scenic Tackle
Jammin Jigs
Catch N Tackle
Bio Bait
Custom Jigs and Spins

And Schwiegert Brats for all!!

And the good thing about it…YOU DON”T EVEN HAVE TO CATCH A FISH TO WIN!!!!!

Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 finishers and everyone who signs up will get their name in the drawing for the goods! You might even be named “The Worlds Greatest Ice Angler” and end up on FishFever’s latest video!

The first event will be held on Lake Winnibigoshish out of Denny’s Resort on January 10-11th. Tournament times will be 7 am to 2pm.

There will be product demos on-ice, plenty of Fishing Minnesota Pro-Staff on hand to give tips and answer questions and they will even point you in the right direction to the hot-spots!

All this for only $10!

For more info and to register, click on the link below-

Hope to see you there!

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Looks like those eelpout will finally be good for something grin.gif

Are there any size limits other than slots?

Scoring -
Fish will be scored on the basis of weight converted to points (1 lb. = 1 pt.).

Each person may only score the following limits of fish.
* 3 walleye
* 1 pike
* 3 bass
* 7 crappie
* 10 perch
* 10 sunfish.
* 1 eelpout
* 1 lake trout
* 1 Cisco or Whitefish

Once a fish is weighed, that fish will go towards that persons total.
Once a tourney limit of any species is scored, no other fish from that species will be recorded. All slot sizes and limits will be observed. Game law violations will be cause for disqualification from the event. No refunds. You must take care of your own fish after weigh-ins are complete.

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The "Title" is at stake and so are some beauty prizes. Anyone registered for the event is eligible to win prizes, fish or no fish! We are dedicated to helping anglers catch fish, we'll have guides to help get anglers on fish. Plus Otter, MarCum and Barracuda have products available for trial use. Remember we'll be filming these events too. ICE, ICE baby! MJ5 Vegas insiders must have seen your catch last weekend?

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For those of you who have fished these things before, what sort of stuff would you suggest bringing? I'm interested in doing it, and am curious what you come prepared with. (ie. atv? vex? good shack?)

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I have never fished on hard water (o.k., once...on the Gunflint Trail...in January...with only an ice chisel...it was very cold...the ice was very thick...I didn't catch a thing...I didn't know what I was doing...I still don't...I didn't try very hard) but I am going to register (where is Lake Winibigoshish?); I am going to win something for once in my life!

I am going to have fun.


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You don't need tons of equipment to fish the ICE Series.A fishing pole and and auger.Heck you might not even need an auger as there will be plenty of freindly FMers around that I am sure would drill a hole or two for you.ICE Series HQ will be set up out on the ice in a good fish catching location and if you stick around there I will drill you a bunch of holes.Of course if you want you can fish anywhere on the lake that you want.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • looks great what kind of a heater are you putting in it
    • My wife's on it!  That is-making soup😀
    • Got mine today in my work truck 😀 
    • Not much got done over the weekend as i was sick and had no energy to work.  I did manage to get the top bunk built.
    • Mmm mm Thanks!!!!!!!!
    • your package went in the mail today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Figured I'd loop back on this with an update.  I ended up getting the Weber Spirit 3 burner.  Picked it up at Ace Hardware.  Its the same price everywhere ($449) but Ace will assemble it, deliver it, and haul away the old one for no charge.  Bought it Saturday morning had it sitting on the back patio by 3pm that same afternoon.   I ended up looking at a lot of grills including many brands of gas grills, pellet grills, and some charcoal grills.  There were some other gas grills that I liked, they looked to be made solidly from good materials and they came at a decent price.  However, they all lacked a decent warranty.  The webers use less stainless steel than some of the others and I'm not 100% sure what the china production will do to the quality and longevity of a Weber but they do come with the best warranty that I saw.  I believe grates and flavorizer bars have a 5 year warranty and everything else has a 10 year warranty.  Customer service and part availability was also a big selling point.  Weber parts look to be easily available and if you do end up having to replace the grate, flavorizer bars, and burners it will only set you back $150 which should get you many more years out of the grill.    I let my almost 3 year old son pick the color since he came with to help pick it out.  I couldn't argue with his choice of red.  It is clearly the fastest looking grill, now I just need to add a racing stripe. 
    • Saturday morning I was able to put my tag on a nice bird. If I did no get to put some scouting time in I would of moved too fast. I knew these bird was going to show up but he never made a peep on roost or the ground. I was able to call in the hens with him following. The hens yelped twice on the ground and that was it. Had other birds gobbling but I knew this guy was around. It was him with 3 Jakes and 3 hens that pretty much stayed by themselves and nothing to do with the larger group of birds. I was able to see him the Saturday before opener and trail cameras showing he was coming through around 720 each morning. I shot him at 7:15 plan worked out great. 20 Gauge is becoming my favorite gun for turkeys. He was just a couple oz’s shy of 24lbs. double beard 11inch, spurs 1inch. Some big birds dropping. My dads was 25lbs and Protourbait above 24. Might head back to NE this weekend see how the week goes. I have WI left for a couple tags.
    • I personally don't use hens often.  When I do she's in a breeding position near a strutting tom.  I usually go jakes of various postures or no decoys.  I like to keep them guessing where that hen is at.  I've had too many mature Tom's hang up, strut and gobble until the real hens show up to escort him away when using just hens.
    • What would be the reasoning behind just using hen\ hens decoys? To put the toms at ease? I usually use the standard hen / jake combo.
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