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Caribou hunting questions

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Hey guys, last year I asked a bunch of questions about my first prong horn hunt and it helped alot. We had a blast, I will have to put some pics up for that.

Anyway, my boss is sending the shop guys on our first caribou hunting trip this fall and I need all the help I can get again. Its in Quebec in September so weather will be a factor. I need all the advice I can get from people who have done it. Things like what kind of boots, raingear, etc. What to bring and what not to bring. Thanks for any and advice.

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You have a cool boss!!! grin.gif

What are your accomodations? Lodge? Cabin? Wall tent? Drop camp?

Is it guided? Will they handle the care of the meat and capes?

A DIY hunt will require quite a few things. I've done two of those, so I can give you a gear list but all of it won't be necessary if you're getting some luxury out of the deal.

Lets hear some details! cool.gif

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LOL \:\)

Its a drop camp with wall tents. Theres a propane stove and a place for meat and capes. You get a boat to use so I'm thinking of getting one of them co2 lifejackets? I'm just not sure what kind of boots would be the best. I need to get some good raingear. Just not sure what style or how thick? Weight is an issue on the float plane so I have to make important decisions on what I bring.

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I don't have a set, but eveyone on FM who does says they are the greatest things ever, look into Arctic Armour for you rain gear. Everyone says they are dry and warm. You can get them in Camo instead of the red versions, but that piece of equipment could cut down on your packing greatly. only one outdoor garment to pack along, take a polar fleec jacket for layering and you would be set.

Oh yeah, I wish my boss (or even my wife) would decide to ship me off to caribou camp for a bonus..............

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I moose hunt with a bunch of Cree fella's from James Bay--moose, geese or caribou those guys live 24/7 in hip waders. They walk around with them folded down most of the time but they will wear nothing else for footwear. They are all soaking wet most of the time but are real careful about keeping their feet dry--funny bunch. Artic Armour is really good stuff--fleece jacket and gortex outer shell. If you hit the migration right you will see thousands--if not--well --good luck.

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I think I would stay away from Arctic Armor because it is not breathable. If you are doing any walking you will get wet from the sweat not evaporationg inside the suit. Being wet is not good. I would assume if you are using a boat life jackets would be supplied.

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We have to bring our own life jackets I guess. Guys were bringing them into the tundra and leaving them so they don't supply them any more. I was wondering to if I would sweat in Artic Armour walking around? Sure would be nice to find rain gear that would work for everything duck hunting, ice fishing, caribou hunting, spring/ fall fishing.

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Hey Outdoor Ran,

I'm still with ya, just don't have the time right now to post a list that I would take - and why.

I saw hip boots mentioned. They are a REQUIREMENT in my opinion. Ankle fit, so they don't slop around on your feet. My preferred set up for rain gear includes a pair of those coupled with a 3/4 length rain parka that hangs over the tops of them.

A true 3/4 length is hard to find.

Anyway, I'll get back to ya.

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My brother and i went caribou hunting in northern Quebec several years ago. We went through "Leaf River Outfitters" and they were a class-act from the get-go. The hunting was fantasic and the fishing great. My brother and i filled out our two caribou tags each, after the second day. With four caribou in the meat shed our guide took us fishing every day the rest of the week. The fishing on the Leaf River was great, the lake trout were plentiful and the Atlantic Salmon were large but not as plentiful. Are you going thru Leaf River Outfitters?

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Here goes.

The 3/4 rain parka I took was a light weight packable one I bought at the C store, but I haven't seen them available for some time. I lost my original one by the American River on Kodiak. I treat my second one like gold. If you find one, go one size up to fit warm clothes underneath. I couple that with a packable rain hat from O/R (Outdoor or Oregon research).

Anyhew, pick up clothes with natural fibers. Meaning wool, rubber, waxed cotton canvas. Fleece is good but wool is better. Wool keeps its insulation value even when wet.

Poly propelene liner socks

Wool socks

Wicking long underwear, even silk for base layer

Wool pants

Filson chaps when wearing leather boots (they cut the wind too)

I like Duofold henley shirts for upper body inner layer

I like my old Worsterlon shirts over that (they dry quick)

Followed by a windstopper wool sweater (with a zipper to regulate body heat)

Weather proof jacket of your choice

1 light cap and 1 warm, wind proof one

pair of light leather gloves/pair of warmer ones

The headnet is a good idea. I'd be suprised if you had black flies that time of year but you might have no see ums. They take up no space and weigh nothing.

For boots besides waders, I used a pair of Danner Canadians. Waterproof, comfortable, and HIGH tops! If its warm, take off your boots and socks when you're eating lunch or glassing so your feet can dry off and air out.

Glassing: The best binos you can afford. If you glass alot, quality optics relieve eye strain as well as give a clear view.

I would leave a spotting scope at home. You usually don't spot and stalk caribou.

Roll of electrical tape to share (tape the end of your gun barrel to keep it clean/dry. Does NOT affect accuracy)

2 boxes of shells in case you need to re-sight your rifle.

Assorted knives for skinning, caping and quartering.


Game bags for the meat

Pickling salt for the capes

Foldable saw (I think you have to cut the racks and stack them for airline travel these days)

Duct tape (You may have to cover the antler points too)

Frame pack with bungee cords if you have to transport your meat. Get one with the flip down shelf to rest the bags on.

Carry your daily gear in a rubber dry bag bungeed to your pack. I stay away from packs that already have rigged compartments.

You can use your pack for your rifle rest.

GPS, but we never could walk far enough in a day to get lost. So open, we could see for miles.

Firestarter with kindling sticks

First aid kit with sutures and strong pain killers.

Energy bars for emergency food.

Water purifier (the water may look clear but so are the "things" in it)

Flare gun with 1/2 dozen flares. You can get a cheap one.


I don't know what the bear situation is up there, but the best defense is a pocket air horn. It hurts their ears.

I don't know if they supply the sleeping gear but the ideal set up is on a cot with a Thermarest. A good mummy bag (with compression sack) and a light fleece liner if you can get away with it. I suppose you'll have heat in the tent though.

Heat = Luxury ;\)

Advice: Caribou can eat and walk faster than you can run. If your bull is past you, let him go. Also, don't shoot the first "nice" one you see. MANY more to come in a migration! And we've seen the better bulls travel in smaller bachelor groups apart from the main herd.

Happy to answer any more questions if you have them! grin.gif

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GoreTex raingear. The big C store brand works well. Bring leather boots (Goretex) and a pair of rubber hip boots.

Couple of good quality underwear, wool sweater, 4 pairs of socks.

Fishing season was catch and release in September where we were there.

Someone bring a shotgun.


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Nice shots Brittman! I didn't have a digital when we went, but I have about 500 pics from the two trips I would like to scan.

I almost forgot another important item:

Space blankets (2) Not the thin foil kind, the heavy duty ones. Shiny on one side then one red sided and one green sided.

You can use for a rain shelter while you're glassing, or a clean place to set your meat while quartering your game.

We chose green for concealment and red for emergencies. With that agreement we were able to communicate at long distances with each other if needed.

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Wow, that is awesome guys! Thats exactly the kind of info I was looking for. I've got alot to pick up and do in 5 mths. Its threw select wilderness I think. I was told to bring a shotgun and a fishing pole too. Man I can't wait, thanks for the list and the photos guys. Got to love the power of the FM \:\)

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