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Show us your pictures of people

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Buzzsaw's amazingly long-lasting thread about dog pictures made me wonder if there's any interest in folks sharing pictures of the people in their lives. Friends, family, grab shots or other shots of people just being people, even folks we don't know but just took pictures of.

I know Carl C has done a lot of flash work with his family portraiture, and wifekidsandog has shown us some excellent portraiture, and we have other folks who occasionally post pics of people (like DeeDee's nice pics of her son), but I'm talking about people pics of all levels, from family reunions to whatever. Seems as though, like with the dog thread, people should have a home, too. grin.gif

Dunno, maybe it'll fly, maybe not, but throw a few in here if there's any interest. grin.gifgrin.gif

Here's one of a local musher, really just a snapshot in nice light, with a couple of the dogs he depends on.


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Here's one for me. This is a great idea for a thread. This is my son. My wife doesn't like this shot due to his face being partially covered by his shirt. I don't think it's such a bad thing since it's covering up the huge gap from 3 missing teeth. grin.gif


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Here is one of my older brother who passed away 3 years ago. Not really good quality photo as it was taken with one of those throw away cameras while he was on a fishing trip to Vermillion. He love applesauce and someone got this shot of him while he was eating it. He was quite the jokester, while we weren't the closest of siblings but I miss him so much.


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Great idea, Steve! here are my kids... Ryan just turning 5 years and Caitlin is 3 years old.


An image of our family from last fall. (tripod and timed release)


Ryan on the Slip & Slide.


Pony ride... ya gotta have one of these in your kids portfolio don't ya? grin.gif


Ryan climbing the fence. This image is on our fireplace mantel.



My fishing buddy!


Caitlin pondering something down at the Lake Harriet bandshell when she was 1 1/2 years old.


I must admit to enjoying taking my kids pictures.. I have alot of them. grin.gif

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Here is one of my favorite photo's. It was taken in 1953 when I was 7 years old. I am the one standing, then my older brother Mike, older sister Linda, baby brother Fred and our dog Patches. Not the greatest quality photo, but the memories are priceless.


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I guess its my turn. Here are a couple of my lil buddy.

Getting ready for a fishin trip with dad. Reading his favorite book, "Curious George Goes Fishing," Starting this FMer young.


Here he is the next day with his very first fish. He was so happy. I wish I would have had a photo snapped of Hunter, me, and my dad, but one of Hunter and my dad will have to do. First pic is Hunter and the fish, fresh out of the water, second pic is with Grandpa.



Gotta love it, probably the proudest moment of my life so far.

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Thanks to all for sharing some great pictures. Last Christmas I stayed up with my wife looking at her granparents' pictures from the 40's or so and it's just not possible to dislike old pictures. There were some of soldiers goofing off during some down time and some formal shots by the house. Powerful stuff when you think of all that has come and gone since.

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I posted this one before but its one of my favorites. This was when Jr. would let me comb his hair. Hes got his own hair thing going now. I need to take the time and take more pics of the family. Just a Kodak 4 mega pixel camera.


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Not the sharpest picture because I took it with my phone, but I swear this was not a set up picture. I can't even imagine what kind of joy she'll be when she's 15 if this is a sign of things to come.

My beautiful daughter


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