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Got your wallets fattened for the food plottin?

Mark Christianson

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I just called on fertilizer.

Last year at this time I could get it for $.19 a pound.

Its $.38 a pound this year. DOUBLED!!!!!!

Roundup Ready corn is $120 to $170 for one bag. Last year was under $100.

Gas is up and going up.

Generic Roundup(glyphosate) was $13 a gallon a year ago. Today its $32 a gallong and going up weekly.

I hate to say it, but the food plotting is going to come to a grinding halt for some, and for me its gonna be scrutinized heavily. I cant see spending several hundred dollars or more for a few acres of plots.

Sad to say. It is still a fun hobby, but hobbies have limits too.

This sux.

PS - As Blackjack has told me, it still is a fun hobby with great satisfaction at the end of the day. grin.gif

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Now you know what the farmers are complaining about. Fertilizer is going up like crazy but if you can get bulk fertilizer instead of bagged that should save you 50 bucks a ton. Also shop around and you'd be shocked at how much prices vary.

RR Corn if you are going into food plots why spend the money on the high quality hybrids that are out there and not go with some blends? Not saying you should buy this brand but when I sold seed at the coop Wensman has blends which are older varieties or varieties that they didn't have enough to bring to market commercially so they package them as blends and they are 90-100 bucks and are RR. All brands have the blends available you just need to ask for them because the coop makes 5-10 bucks on a blend and 40-60 bucks on a big hybrid. Just an FYI!

Roundup...I work for Monsanto and don't blame us for the cost going up blame China and the Olympics. The reason Round Up has stayed the same is because Monsanto uses a US Supplier for our main ingredient. Generics have been getting their main ingredient from China and most is made around Bejin (sp?). Well China is all worried about the air quality that they have shut down production of plants and as a result the active ingredients are in short supply.

But I would check out the Blends and shop around for fertilizer. If you can get away with bulk I'd do it and if you don't have enough land see if any friends are interested and try to spread the cost out amoung everyone.

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