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Controling Bovine TB

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Up here in Northern Mn Deer Season is open through the end of August in an attemt to stop or at least slow down the spread of Bovine Tb that has been found in the Whitetail Deer herd and several Cattle herds...In the selected area which runs from the Canadian border down to about Grygla Landowners and tennants can harvest deer off thier property as long as each deer's head/neck is turned in for testing...they can either keep the meat for themselves or give it to the donation program...The idea is of course to "try" and stop the spread of this disease...

I was checking out DNR Enforcement reports on the Web and happened across a report from an officer in the Perham area...he had recieved a report of 13 fresh deer carcass's dumped on a WMA or WPA...upon investigating he found the deer and they all still had the "metal TB Zone Tags" and the possession tags on them...needless to say they located the individuals...So, "What if", any of those deer were infected and any part of the lungs or lymph nodes were still in the carcass and "what if" an unsuspecting coyote or fox scarfed up some fresh venison and then spit on the grass which was later ate by some other unsuspecting deer or cow....I would assume there would be a "chance" of spreading the disease...Whoever these knucleheads are they should have thier hunting privledges taken away for good!!

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