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Jigs for livebait under slip bobs


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Thought I'd better invade the walleye/perch forum for once cool.gif

I'm looking for some good jigs to fish live bait with under a slip bobber....right now I do about 90% with just sinker and hook.

I need something with a variety of hook sizes on it - smaller stuff for leeches and crawlers and bigger size for big fatheads/walleye suckers. Don't need collars or keepers, looking for good paint and quality hooks. Thanks, later.

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I don't slip bobber very often so you'll probably get better info from others, but I usually use small Northland jigs from their bulk jig bins - usually 1/8, 1/16, or 1/32 sizes. Occasionally I use a colored hook. And I have a few horizontal jigs with concave faces that work great with leeches, they flutter a lot and have a real slow fall. Don't remember what they're called or where I got them but I think it may have been Lundeens up by Mille Lacs???

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some of my favorites are weighted flies and feathered jigs.

whistler jigs for working up and down water column

My ice fishing jigs

standard forage minnow jig (both kinds)

the lindy max grips with and w/o rattles

If you slow drift, add a spinning blade (with beads)

If I use sucker/shiner minnows, I use light wire bass hooks 1/0 or 2/0

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They were probably the Mr. Slip Bobber (Greg Bohn) "jig-bugs." In fish has a great article on advanced slip-bobbering techniques this month, which highlights a number of options for slip-bobber rigging. Greg uses some of the hi-def Lowrance products to basically gauge walleye activity and mood towards his offerings (similar to flashers and ice-fishing), then fine-tunes his approach while drifting and slip bobbering. Definitely a good-read.

I'll echo what Jameson said on the JB tackle, Gem-n-eyes, Charmers, or Eye Drops have a similar shape and fluttering action. The charmer even has a blade in front.

Most definitely there are times, esp. on Mille Lacs, where the fish have played favorites on both jig or hook-style; not so much color IMO.

Also saw from the article a tip on putting a small flutter blade above your jig, or attached to the hook eye.....looked interesting.


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I love slip bobbering for eyes. My favorite tactic. I usually stick to Northland jig heads....fit the size to the mood of the fish. On some lakes, small eyes or perch can be a nuisance so I like to go bigger, but some days small is best. My biggest advice is spend time with the knot! Make sure the jigs hangs the way it was intended to hang and make sure your knot strength is where it is supposed to be. I usually mix in some colored hooks as well. If I had to pick one....chartreuse jig head with a fleck of dark green and a blood red hook.

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Also saw from the article a tip on putting a small flutter blade above your jig, or attached to the hook eye.....looked interesting

it works. my great grandpappy amos taught me that years ago.

something else he taught me i never see anyone doing , and works with great success, is... tie a single strand of tinsel (christmas silver or gold in those days) of any color above the hook/jig about 3 inches to a foot. works best in current or when slow reeled or in a drift presentation. just a thought.

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