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Some interesting info on guide weitghts

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Here's the scoop on Fuji 'Y' framed spinning guides ... Hardloy through Titanium SiC. The list is from heaviest to lightest.

Alconite w Chrome Plated S4 = 100%

Alconite w Black Chrome S4 = 93%

Hardloy w Black Chrome S4 = 86%

SiC w Gunsmoke S4 = 79%

SiC w Titanium Alloy = 57%

I did weigh #25 frames (3 each) on a gram scale and then divide to get the weight of a single guide. At that point, I did the math to calculate stepped reduction. I am not a scientist, but I figured that my methodology did reduce the margin of error.

This is not every Fuji spinning guide, but it is a solid sampling ... sorry, but this is all I stock.

I was doing a little research on guide weight and found the above posted by someone who actually went and weighed them. I find some of it kinda surprising. I wouldn't have figured the Hardaloy guides to be so close to SIC and that much lighter(figured they would have been heavier) than the Alconities.

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Interesting! Id love to see how the recoils stack up. I have built my last few rods with them or the similar ones by Netcraft. Some dont like how they look and worry about duribility but they definatly preform. When they first came out they had some durability issues but that seems to be taken care of. Loomis is even useing them on some rods...

Thanks for sharing...

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I built an 8wt fly rod with recoils and although light and pretty good at not iceing up they underperform for casting. I'm ripping them off and installing some Fuji single foots. You should be able to shoot the entire fly line (90') with an 8wt.

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