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Hunting Etiquette - Ethics


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As turkey hunting's popularity in MN grows by leaps and bounds each year, so does the potential for the negative side effects of pressure, competition, and unethical behavior.

90%+ of turkey hunting land in the bulk of turkey permit areas in MN is in private holding, so these issues I'm sure abound throughout the spring season. Although I'm open to suggestions and other opinions, I'm of the thought that we should try to work together rather than against when it comes to multiple hunters wishing to hunt the same land. However, I still feel there's much communication that can be done in the pre-season to prevent disturbance of one-anothers' hunts.

Twice in the past week, on two different smaller parcels I hunt, I've been contacted by other hunters also wishing to hunt that property during the same time period I'm hunting. Both hunters repeatedly ignored communication of which season/time-periods we'd each be hunting, and both waited until this weekend to secure permission for the same time period I'll be hunting. One hunter, knowingly applied for a surplus tag having only this small parcel to hunt, also knowing I had permission for that time period.

On larger parcels I'd be open to working together, but on 30 or 40 acres that are primarily field, I don't think there's enough room for two groups. In which case, really the only fair way to approach it IMO, is early-bird-gets-the-worm. If you're just getting around to asking permission, there's no sin in that, but please respect your fellow hunters that have beaten you to the punch and move on. There are other birds in other places.

Landowners are gracious enough to allow us to hunt their lands, and we owe it to our sport, and future permission, to work such situations out amongst ourselves. This can't be done unless you treat your fellow hunter the way you'd like to be treated.

Good luck this year, and play it straight when out and about!


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Well at least they had the decency to ask, instead of just wandering out onto the property while you were hunting. A couple spots I hunt are shared with others and I try to talk to everyone before the season to coordinate who is hunting what season and where.

Another ethical problem I see is the guys that drive by, see turkeys in the field and hang their box call out the window to try and fire these birds up. I was back home from college these last few weekends and have noticed a couple people doing that along some of the properties I hunt, even though I know they have no permission to hunt there this spring. I guess that is just another one of the challenges of hunting you have to learn to deal with..

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My land is private and has a large population of turkeys on it. I have been asked many times by hunters to enter the land, and I kindly tell them "no".

The last two people that asked were quite rude (two different parties). One "hinted" that he was going on the land anyway.

I already have 4 turkey hunters in my woods (3 different seasons...and one being me). Yes, there is a lot of turkeys...but our enjoyment and saftey should come first.

If a person gives permission for two people to hunt on his land...that would be a tough one....

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It may help if the landowner allows only one per season. I know where I give permission for others to hunt, I do not allow more than 1 per season, this way, I do not run into any issues with multiple hunters as many seem not to be able to police them selves.

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People have to understand that I drew a late season this year with my wife. This will be her first time turkey hunting.

If we had an earlier season, we would be open to let more hunters in...but being we drew late season...we don't want many people to hunt before us.

I want my wife to get her first turkey. The less the birds are "spooked" before-hand, the better.

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