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Question about a weight bearing wall


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At the base of my stairs is a wall that appears to bear the weight of the floor joists. I'm considering putting a TV on this wall. In fact, I'm thinking about putting a TV IN this wall. I realize I could build the wall out, then cut back into it, but what about removing three of the studs that are currently there and replacing them with some type of support that would let me still have the TV inset in the wall? Is this possible?

For example, can I remove the middle few feet of three of the studs in the middle section of the wall, use a cross piece (i.e., a piece that is parallel to the ground/ceiling) to support the top half of the wall, and add additional support by running pieces angled from the remaining studs to the header where the three partially removed studs meet the header?

It looks like these three studs support two floor joists primarily. I'd guess I could completely remove the three studs and it would have little or no impact. However, I obviously don't want the ceiling coming down on me, so I don't want to be wrong...

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It's hard to say what you have without seeing the floor joists or the 2x10's for your floor above.

To keep it short, yes you can do what you are saying. It seems you have the right idea. It is no different than adding a doorway. It needs a header to support the open area. I'm glad you took the opportunity to ask. I know people first hand that have totally removed that wall without consideration to what can happen. It is holding for now, but I don't know for how long. If you add a header it will be just fine.

If you need any assistance for the clear span opening, I'm sure there are many here that can help you through it, if you supply some pictures.

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Can be done whether its a load being wall or not.

Lets just say it is. First thing is you need to make a temp wall for support. Could be a 2x4 wedged under each floor joists to take the load off the wall.

Figure out what your rough opening needs to be. Remove the studs that need to be moved.

Your going to put in two king studs(which are the same length as your stubs now) with a jack stud nailed to each king stud.

Your rough opening will be the distance between the jack studs.

The new header is going to sit on the jack studs. If all your supporting is two floor joists and nothing else above the floor(you better check that out) then make the header out of two 2x10s(overkill which is fine and I'm thinking you'll be ripping that down with no need for cripples) with 1/2 plywood or osb sandwiched in between. Now if your wall is carrying more load then just the floor joists you double up on the jack studs.

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