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Walleye University St Cloud area

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If one is looking for some great fishing info, check this out.

For Immediate Release

Scheels Walleye University Comes to St Cloud

St Cloud, MN -- On April 12th, 2008, professional anglers Johnnie Candle and Jim Carroll will share as much of their walleye fishing know how as they possibly can in eight hours.

The Scheels Walleye University is the most comprehensive walleye seminar created. It is an 8 hour day of discussing the fine points of jig fishing, live bait rigging, spinners and crank baits. Boat control, trolling techniques, and marine electronics will also be covered in depth. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers as well.

“Sharing our knowledge is a big part of professional angling,” says Jim Carroll, a five-year veteran on the Professional Walleye Trail and a three time national championship qualifier, “and it’s very rewarding. We travel all over the country to fish for walleye, and we take the techniques that we have learned and teach them in this school. Nothing is more gratifying to us than meeting up with fishermen who have attended Walleye University, and hearing about their successful fishing trips using information learned at one of our schools.”

Walleye University was first introduced in Bismarck, ND during the spring of 2003. It was such a big hit that the duo has decided to take the show on the road. Since Bismarck, the pros have presented this seminar to hundreds of walleye anglers in seven different states. This year the University will visit Fargo, ND and Des Moines, IA as well as the stop in St Cloud.

There is no other place to learn this much in one day. Candle, a 13 year professional angler, says, “The things learned at Walleye University will help you make those tough, on the water decisions and let you enjoy your outings even more. The timing of Walleye University is great. With the mild winter we have had, spring fishing will start sooner than we know it.”

Walleye University will be held at Scheels, 40 Waite Ave N in St Cloud, MN on Saturday April 12th. It begins at 8:30 am and runs till 5:00 pm. Every person in attendance will receive a package that includes a printed version of Walleye University, a $10 gift card from Scheels All Sports and an assortment of fishing tackle. Please pre-register, as seating is limited. The cost of the school is $50. Register at Scheels in St Cloud (320) 252-9494.

For more information contact

Johnnie Candle

[email protected]


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I'll be in attendance to this seminar in St. Cloud.

My two uncles attended some of the initial seminars when this was first put together a few years back out in Bismark, ND. They have both had extremely positive things to say about it and have actually attended these seminars 3 separate times. New information is always at hand.

For myself, I married into a "walleye family" and a rookie to the sport of walleye fishing. Both of my uncles pointed me to the class saying it was not only a class for the season veterans, but also for someone just starting off.

Anyone else attending?

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All I can say is that this seminar offered valuable information for all of those who are looking to incease their walleye IQ!

There was something for everyone from the walleye beginner to the accompished fisherman. Johnnie and Jim provided a well laid out and enjoyable learning experience for all. For anyone wanting to learn more about boat control, understanding the capabilities of your electronics, live bait techniques, trolling techniques and much more this seminar fit the bill.

The Scheels location was very nice and the goodie bag, $10 gift card, draw prizes and money saving coupons plus 8 hours of "Walleye Class" made the $50 cost an absolute bargain. If the Walleye University come to you area it's a no brainer to take advantage of the opportunity to up your walleye IQ.

Thanks so much guys!

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Well stated Borch. I really enjoyed the day and came away with some new ways to better my catching rate for those eyes. Most all could come away from this seminar that they could use to better themselves as a eye fisherman plus the electronics and boat control.

Jonnie Candle & Jim Carrol do an excellent job discussing all aspects of walleye fishing and take all the time needed to discuss any questions that may come up. It was also very nice that they spent all the time needed to talk after the seminar too.

I personally do not know how this seminar could be any better.

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