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Making Minnesota memories


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I’ve always wanted a nice fishing boat but could never afford it. I finally bit the bullet and bought a 2008 Lund 1725 Explorer. It should be here by the end of April. For years I’ve taken my kids fishing from canoes, rented boats and off buckets on the shore. As it turns out, my youngest graduates from high school right around the time the new boat should be on the water and then, in July, he ships off to airborne infantry school and off to where they think he can serve best after that. That gives me two months to give him a story or two to take with him. Where should we go and what should we do? I’m in western Minnesota. Someone he runs into someplace is going to say “Hey, did you ever fish…” and I want him to have an answer. I got so much help in picking my boat from this this forum. I thought some of you might have some ideas? I’m not looking for secret fishing spots. Just kinds of fishing and the places you think a kid shouldn’t leave Minnesota without having tried at least once.

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Congrats on the new boat. Hope you create some great memories for before he leaves.

I don't have a lot of suggestions, We always did family trips to the Brainard area, rented a place on the lake (usually Gull). Always had a fun time, good fishing, and plenty of other stuff to do in the area.

If you are looking for beautiful scenery and not a lot of traffic, Ely/Vermillion is a great place to visit. Nice little town, have a casino, good fishing.

If you can manage it - camping in an area on the BWCA (may have an issue with the size of the motor on your boat in some areas)can be awesome bonding. Some friends and I did a Dad/daughter camp trip on the BWCA for a week ... nothing but great memories. If you have never done the BWCA before, I recommend going with a friend that knows what they are doing, or use a outfitter and start planning early.

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I bought a 2007 17- Explorer Sport. It is a nice boat made for making memories. How about a little north of the border.

Lake of the Woods - Morson Walleyes - Crappies - Smallmouth Rainy Lake - Canadian Side - Walleyes - Smallmouth

Lac Suel - Ear Falls - Boat loads of walleyes

Separation Lake on the English River - North of Kenora - Boat loads of Walleyes - Pike


Kabetogama - Namakan - If its on great walleye fishing

For good fishing but less remote:

St. Louis River - Big walleyes and lots of them if the bite is on.

Millacs - Lots of walleyes if its on.

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For making sure you hit cool and hallowed water:

Mille Lacs - its "Mille Lacs" - walleye, musky, smallmouth

LOTW - walleye

Vermillion - for the scenery, walleye, musky, smallmouth

Rainy - for scenery and great fishing

Lake Pepin - can't beat ol Man River

Red Lake - I haven't been yet, but the fishing I hear is great.

Winnie - great walleye and some great muskie and pike fishing. Cool. lake, like Mille Lacs but smaller.

Your boat will work great on any of those. Have fun with the new rig! Give your son a big thanks \:\)

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Beer batter beat me to it...I'd go to Devils Lake. Season is open year round. You can fish walleye and pike as soon as the ice goes out. The lake also has some great crappies, white bass, and of course, perch. Pretty hard to go there and not get some action. The only thing you need to really watch out for is the wind (seems its always windy out there). If you're able to be flexible and go short notice, keep an eye on the weather forcast. You'll see alot of stuff 15-30mph. I'd avoid that, but if you see 5-15, I'd go for it then! Let me know if you've got some more specific questions and I'll help you out.

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Congrats on the new boat and Thank You to your son for his upcoming service.

You guys may think I'm nuts(don't answer just yet LOL) the best memories for me have been on any lake Ive ever fished, since the age of 3-4 on the Ceder River with my Dad near the Iowa border to my last day last year alone, I remember all of them and each one has something meaningful about it even the ones we got skunked on lol.

Any lake you go to will be the best, its the time on the water that counts.


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Go to Buffalo Bay on LOTW..... This fishing in May and June is just sick.... Its on Canadian waters though.... Have a passport and buy a license... Its cheap, I think 28 bucks for a limit of 4 walleye and you can keep them up to 22cm, I think?? You can also catch some awsome northern while fishing for walleye too..... 40" plus!!!!!!

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Thanks for all the suggestions! It may seem silly to try and cram too much into a couple of months but I figure it’s foolish not to try. Lots of votes for Lake of the Woods and Mille Lacs so both will go on the list, I think. I used to do some work around Devil's Lake during the time it was growing so fast. I don't know much about fishing there but it sure has an interesting history. And I’ll do some of the puddles close to home as well. It should be a good time. I much appreciate the thoughts.

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