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*HSO 2008 Turkey Contest Team Scores*


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HSO 2008 Forums Turkey Contest Teams

(Updated 5/11/08)

Boss Tom's #1 Team Score = 186.225

Riverhuntfish (Y)



Deitz Dittrich---52.78



Tumblin Toms #2 Team Score = 152.515


MJCatfishJR (Y)---18.75

Dan Brelje




Tom Terminators #3 Team Score = 178.35







Team Four Skins #4 Team Score = 45


Jackpine Rob---26


Browning24 (Y)---19


Long Beard Assassins #5 Team Score = 245.1025 *WINNER*


8point (Y)---30.9 *WINNER YOUTH*



Sticknstring---14 *CONSOLATION PRIZE*


Strut Busters #6 Team Score = 145.15






eric29---76.25 **WINNER HIGHEST IND. SCORE*

Strut Zone #7 Team Score = 73.675



Jackpine Jr (Y)---27



Papa Grump

Black Beard and His Men #8 Team Score = 87






Jakes or Better #9 Team Score = 122.375




Green Diver


Good Luck to everyone!

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 Originally Posted By: woody1975
Team 6 - Lets hear some ideas!

Where are you hunting?

We are 349A - Waited a long time for these tags.


I got a surplus tag in 235...I think, I'll have to check. Got a surplus in the same area last year and arrowed a mature tom. Hopefully I'll pull off a repeat this year. Good luck!

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ou are the team captain so you pick anything un-related to Brett Farve that you want......

Captain? Who died and left that privilege to me grin.gif

I was thinking:

"we miss #4"

"#4 is the greatest of all time"

"#4 is better than #13"

Ok, I'm done...........I don't want to start anything, I was kidding of course.

"beard blasters"

"pot scratchers"

"full strut"

"spur seekers"

Anybody else?

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O.K. Team Two here is my name suggestion. Team Spring Mayhem... it not only covers what your favorite load will do to a gobbler's noggin but also everything else that usually comes with Spring turkey hunting such as weather (my truck was totaled out by hail in Nebraska last spring), vehicle problems, stuff you forget to bring, your turkey hunting screwups, ect. Anybody else have a name suggestion?

I'll be hunting north central Nebraska Apr.18-21.

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 Originally Posted By: elevatorguy

I will be hunting in the Black Hills Apr. 23 to 27 and by Houston,MN May 16 till I have to go home.

Good luck everyone.

I'll have to get a report from you then. Looks like I'll be in the Hills from April 30th til May 4th.

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Yeah I will tell you what I can.

This year we are staying by Rapid City cause we now know someone in area all private with all National Forest behind it by Piedmont. We are gonna hunt there more this year cause he is always sending me pictures of birds in his yard. We hunted there a little last year and my Dad hit one but we couldn't find it. And no we didn't hunt in his yard even though we wanted to.. Just over 3 weeks and counting....

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Team 3 Rocks! Everyone else get out of the way.

Wisconsin, Zone 19, May 7-11. Last year we shot a 23 and 25 pounder on two new farms. Can't wait to get back...

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Team 3 Rocks! Everyone else get out of the way.

Wisconsin, Zone 19, May 7-11. Last year we shot a 23 and 25 pounder on two new farms. Can't wait to get back...

I'll be WI May 7-11 also, Zone 37 - its infested with turkeys....however I have two others in my group and I'm gonna be the last to pull the trigger. If not I'm going online today to buy a leftover tag for last season Zone 20.

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Hey Dietz, looks like we're on the same team again! Suppose we can carry over some of last year's first place finish "mojo" for this year? I've got zone 19 May 7-11 this year in WI, same as last year. It'll be a little more exciting this year though as my 9 year old daughter will be in the blind w/ me. Hopefully she'll be a good luck charm!

For a team name how about "Spurs Up"? Let's go Team 1!


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Joel, Joel, Joel,

I have the utmost faith in Team #1 Member Dietz and know that he will overcome any "bad karma" you bring to the spring turkey woods when you guy's are out. Maybe if yer real nice, Dietz will spare a little of Team #1's "mojo" so you'll get a CHANCE at a bird! LOL


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I still feel bad about last year. We had two longbeards coming in strong. I whacked the lead bird, and we never got a chance at the second one that was sort of straggling. I think the 2nd bird caught some of our movement and strayed a bit. Three more days of hard hunting never brought a bird within range.

That was a new area for us both however. This year we're in my backyard, but it's late season. We'll see what happens.

Camcorder is a good tip actually. Can also do well with broad-based cocky statements that have jinxed me in the past:

  • "I know this area like the back of my hand" - Invariably I will be come disoriented and relatively lost

  • "These birds are going to plop down right in our lap" - They will fly over your strut-zone, across the road, and into the thickest, most unlikely LZ you would ever imagine

  • "Oh yeah, he's coming right in" - Oh yeah, he'll come in behind us and handcuff the both of us.

  • "Yesterday they.......or last week I saw 8 gobblers do....... - They will do the opposite of whatever you said!


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