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Increasing draw weight

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Whats the best excersises to increase strength for drawing a bow? My 12yr old daughter wants to go bowhunting this fall and needs to increase her draw weight to the legal limit (at least). She has been shooting for a couple years, but doesn't yet pull the required 35 lbs. Shes been doing pullups, pushups, and I set up her bow so she has a tough time pulling it back, and told her to draw it back 5-10 times a day and hold 5-10 seconds per draw. Anything I'm missing here?

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Heat, that is a great question.. As a Elem PE Teacher and an avid bow hunter and target archer, I may have some advice.

In my opinion, you are going about it right with repetition, more reps at a lower weight will help more than less reps at a higher lb.. I myself would pick a weight that she can handle, and then shoot with her. Just pulling it back doesnt cut it. Pull it back and go through the shot sequence. 30 ish time every other night is better than 10 times a night. Then just slowly give the bow a 1/4 turn on the limb bolts every week or 2...

Push ups if needed do help as they would somewhat use the same muscles.. But draw form will be as, if not more important. Make sure when she draws she is not using the weak arm muscles, but the much larger stronger back muscles. Have her mentally pretend she has a lemon between her shoulder blades, and have her make lemonade.. crush that lemon!

I cringe every time I am at the range and watch the poor drawing form.. on children and adults!

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 Originally Posted By: Hubercita
I suppose you could do lawn boys or weighted rows, but I'd suggest turning up poundage a half crank every couple of weeks and just do a lot of shooting.

This is the best exercise I've found. The best explanation is to pretend you're starting the lawn mower. Have her keep her elbow tight to her side. Add in some weights.I like to bend forward and rest my other hand on a bench or chair. Do one arm at a time.

This will work the rear deltoid and the back muscles. Pushup and pull ups are good exercise but they don't get the right muscles for drawing a bow.

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