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Surf's Up! - added a few more

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These are from an ASP professional surf event in Huntington Beach, CA shot yesterday. Most of these were shot in manual some I switched to Av. I don't have the long glass most shooters use from the beach but Huntington Beach has a nice pier the surf breaks up to so I managed some with the 300/2.8 with 1.4 TC attatched. I think the shutter speeds were 1/2500s to 1/3200s, 320 ISO and f5.6.

#1 This to me says California surfing!


#2 Surfing with the pier in the background.


#3 Hard turn in the whitewater.


#4 Vertical at the top.


#5 Across the top.


#6 Hard cut back


#7 These were shot from the pier, the first shots were from the beach.


#8 Reverse on the top of the wave.


#9 The broadcast and scoring tent. You can watch the whole event on the web!


#10 Can you say Baywatch?


I have over 500 shots from the afternoon so this is a very small sample of shots. If you get a chance to photograph surfing I think you will find it to be a blast, not to mention the beach, the weather, the girls the.....well that should say it all.

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Steve, I got sunburned on top of my Florida sunburn so I didn't go out again today! I have been watching the event on the web today and wish I would have battled the traffic out there, the waves are a bit higher today. Almost double overhead on a few sets! (cool I can speak some surf lingo)

Ken I walked the beach.....

Jackie, there really is something to the California girls mystic I must say. I think its spring break week as well, the beach has been busy for a spring mid-week.

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Dude, those shots are tight, Bro!

There's my best surfer talk. Pretty good huh! cool.gif

Really great stuff Dan! I'm sure you're on everyone's list right now, and not the good list!!

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Yeah I know Mike, I almost hate to post anything. Its just been a nice run of spots the last few weeks. If its any consolation this is as challenging shooting as you will find. High noon sun with white surf and water reflections. The water splashes will throw off your focus if you can't track the subject tight as well. I really helps to have one of the best camera bodies and lens combo's that Canon makes to keep up on the action. I think I threw out about 5 shots out of 500, I must have forgotten to push my * button to focus that series, may have been a distraction on the beach. ;\)

Steve I'm a bit older than you so any attempt by me to speak the lingo looks really lame!

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MM you know I might have a shot or two but this being a family site ;)... but here are a couple more surf shots. grin.gif

#1 Cutting down.


#2 Down the face


#3 One of my favorites


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Did he actually stay on the board on that last one? Those are really good shots. You know, if you keep making this stuff look so easy, nobody's going to believe you when you say it's difficult.

Very impressive. Are you on a vacation or did you go there for this purpose?

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Mike he did stay on the board, I have the whole sequence. I am out here on business but had a few days to sharpen my surfing skills for future possibilities.

DD you are right, actually I forgot we have frozen lakes, I've been on the road a while.

Mt. dew thanks, it was fun!

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Great shots, my wife loves to watch surfing but my eyes tend to drift to the beach for some reason as I'm sure yours did also.

I'm with Ken I was walking on the water today, but not for much longer in Southern Minnesota it's getting pretty soft not like Nothern Minnesota where the boys are still driving out on it. Spring is coming slow but sure YAHOOOO!!!! Winter has been WAY to long this year.

Thanks for the warm Pictures

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