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Lost fishhouse on craigslist


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Saw this on hsolist, thought someone here could possibly help.

very upset Teenager worked very hard for this and lost the fishhouse and auger.Looking for a green otter cabin fish house with 2 seats a broken sunflower heater and about 20-30 ft of yellow 1/4 tow rope and an Strikemaster lazer xl 3000 lost on either highway 5 or county rd 10 or by the hydes lake public access. If found email at nathanw[email protected] or call 952-334-3523 cell or 952-448-4402


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I know the kid who lost this fish house and he said that he left it unattended for 5 minutes near his truck on the ice while he went to the gas station. When he returned to the lake his house and everything in it was gone. It just makes me sick that there are low lifes out there that would steal it.

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WOW thats a horrible story. FM relocated a truck and bug shield so hopefully a happy ending comes of this as well. Hard to believe someone would steal all that stuff and get out of there in 5 minutes. I'll never leave my stuff out on the ice I guess.

I check hsolist often so I'll be watching for that stuff.

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Very upsetting story ... even worse given it is a teenager that worked hard to buy it on his own. I have a lot of respect for kids that work hard to buy there own things, instead of everything being given to them. Hope he finds it.

Had a teenager like this that bought my Marcum. Once I found out he was buying it with money had been saving on his own for this purchase (instead of his dad buying it for him), I discounted it an additional 10% from the original agreed upon price, and thru in a new battery.

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ok i am gonna play devils advocate for a second here. if this story is indeed true i do feel for the kid as i have had stuff taken right out of my front yard in the middle of town during thre day. am i the only that sees this somehow does not add up. if in deed he did leave it by his truck while he went to the gas station. i would very much doubt he was gone for only five munites as the closest gas station to hydes lake is includeing time to get off and back on the lake is more like at least ten minutes or better then include time in the store five munites is kinda hard to believe. secondly on the original post it says some where near hwy 5 or county 10 or at the landing kinda sounds like it may have been left in a pickup truck with the tailgate let down. and he is covering for his own mistake with the "stolen" story.

i do want to add that if it was taken as he stated. to you who have stolen it i can only hope your armpits become infested with the fleas from a thousand camels right after you have broken both of your arms. and well add an apoligie to the kid. i to have worked for everything i have ever had in my life. and not had it givin to me like most kids do today. so please dont flame me with alot of replys. i just wanted to point out that something dont add up here. ... paul

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