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Sax-Zim Bog II

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Steve and I took a wander down to the Sax-Zim bog today. Interesting day. I got photos of three birds that I didn't have, two of them birds I've never seen before. Day was cool, windy and at times the sun was a bugger to deal with. All in all, another successful day. Thanks, Steve - enjoyed it!

Morning Downy


My one "big game" shot of the day


Messin' with Sasquatch


New bird - first photo - black backed woodpecker


Can you spot the photographer in this image?


Afternoon downy


New bird - first photo - boreal chickadee


Obligatory chickadee




First photo - white breasted nuthatch


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Great stuff, Ken.

Wish I would have gotten those good looks you got on some of the birdies, especially the black-backed woodpecker, but thems the breaks. grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

I hope these don't look as washed out as I fear. I tried a new Web toning regimen this time. We'll see . . . .

Bad hair day


The suet lover (time to photoshop out the suet holder.)


Pretty boy


I SEE you!


The bogtrotter


U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no aliby -- you UGLY! (full frame)


Pretty gal in formal dress





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Great shots, Steve! My boreal didn't turn out near as sharp as yours did. The black backed was the first one I took, and I wasn't sure I'd even gotten it. None of the others are keepers. Good day, buddy. Hope your feeling better!

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It was a great day, Ken. Thanks for getting me off my sickbed and out of the darn house. I REALLY want March to end!

And I got not one, but TWO wedding photography bookings when I got home, as well as an e-mail wondering if I'll travel to New Mexico for a wedding (could be a crank, but you never know.) That makes it a great night, too. grin.gifgrin.gif

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Nice work guys! There are just a bunch of really nice images in this group! Looks like a fun afternoon!

I guess I'll just be spending my next couple of afternoons shooting a little surfing out in SoCal at the Newport Beach Vans Pier Classic, maybe some evening birds at Bolsa Chica. More sunburn to add to my Florida sunburn! Want to trade? grin.gif\:Dgrin.gif

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I'm providing that image to History Channel's "MonsterQuest" so they can do a follow-up in their next show. And, ah, one to the "Star" - they offered me BIG money! Something about "the Abominible Snowman's abominible predictions for the upcoming year!"grin.gifgrin.gif

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Dan, we might be able to work a trade, if I can get my pilot's license by this afternoon!

MM - The Bog is so many different things, a photo or two wouldn't tell you the whole story. Some is just as you'd imagine a bog - wet leatherleaf and a little low scrub. Other, black spruce swamp. A bit is high ground popple with little farms and fields dotting it. Guess all that variety is why you see so many different species!

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I was just going thru these photos again and Ken, you mentioned a first for the WB nuthatch? That realy seems strange. That is one of 3 birds I can be guaranteed to see, around these parts. The other 2 are the downy and the black cap, of course.

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X - I've seen white breasteds a lot, but this is the first one that sat still enough while I had a camera in my hand to get a photo.

The two new ones I'd never seen before were the black backed woodpecker and the boreal chickadee. My buddy Tom and I were looking for boreals all the way to Hudson Bay and never saw one.

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