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In-Fishermen Master Angler Program recipients.


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Congratulations to our Catfish brothers who were selected for the 2007 In-Fishermen Master Angler Program Catch' N Release division.

Photos and winners are available in this months In-Fishermen Magazine along with an interesting Flathead article.

Ralph Wiggum "Ryan" had 2 entries "Flat,Channel" LCF "Larry" was selected with a Channel Cat and our multi specie expert Hanson was picked for his Minnesota River White Bass.

Congrats guys!.. Catch and release ROCKS!... cool.gif all these fish are still swimming and could be on a line near you very soon. grin.gif

If you google "in-fisherman master angler" you'll find more info and the application form for the Master Angler program.

Big Channel.


PB Flathead


Big Whitey.


Larry's 17lb Channel.


Another shot of Larry's PB Channel Cat with Hanson on the camera!


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Congrats guys! That’s cool. cool.gif

I’m not sure if the “Hanson on the camera” statement was a shot at him or me grin.gif since we all know that is clearly the CatCraft Larry is sitting in ;\)

I didn’t realize it was a selection process. I thought you just submitted your info.

I should have sent in a few of my qualifiers from last year.

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Thanks, guys. It's worth submitting. You get an "In-Fisherman Master Angler" patch along with a "species chevron" for each species you qualify in, along with mention in the magazine. Plus, you can win prizes!

I have no idea how they select photos. Mine certainly weren't the biggest fish. Maybe I'm just the prettiest fisherman? \:\)

I got a big whitey this spring I need to submit!

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 Originally Posted By: Ralph Wiggum
 Originally Posted By: Tyler Holm
I got whiff of Ryans photos last night while I was on the can.

I'm not even sure how to respond to that, Tyler crazy.gif

Thats what I was thinking. grin.gif

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 Originally Posted By: Tyler Holm
I got whiff of Ryans photos last night while I was on the can. Congrats Ryan. Very cool.

I'm pretty sure if you were on the can...it wasnt the photos you were getting a whiff of. ;\)

Congrats on making it in guys!

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