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Bent auger shaft


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I was drilling a hole with my auger and when I pulled it out of the hole I accidentally hit the throttle cauing it to spin and bite into the side of the hole. I got a slight bend in the shaft down towards the blades. It causes the auger to jump around alot when drilling. It will still drill but it is tough. Is there any way to fix this? I thought maybe just trying to put it on the ground and step on it to bend it back. Any suggestions?


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Is the bend in the flighting? IF so, this will be very hard to correct back to new. If it is above the flighting then yes, it can be repaired if you know someone who is very good with a welder. I had my son cut mine off above the flighting and then make a new upper shaft and weld it back on and very true. It works like new.

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ahh, a bent auger..I have had lots of experience in this department!

you now have what is called a jiggleauger!

I once levitated my eskimo out of the back of the truck and she got a little tweeked. I laid it down on the ice, with the arc up and did a wee bit of un tweeking with my foot. she wasn't perfect, but she still cut!

then after that auger died, I found another one slightly used identical to my old one so I scooped up the opportunity to start anew!

this auger was perfect!

not a scratch on it, new blades, extra blades, and best of all, it had a perfectly straight bit!

so...we goes up to red, me and dr. bob, and he has his truck parked up there on shore near his camper. all we need to do is unload my van and load everything into the truck. the first thing I take out of the van, is the auger. I set it down and grab more gear, while bob is backed up to the camper grabbing his gear. he finished before I did, hopped in the 3/4 ton ford 4 x 4 and pulled up to me, ...right over the top of my auger!

I turned just in time to watch the big knarly front wheel climb right over the top of the power head eek.gif

I yelled no, but of course, it was to late.

I threw it back into the van and we used his auger. I dont think I said one word in the next five minutes that I could type here.

he felt aweful and I knew that. I had to tell him that I was not mad at him, I was just ... mad.

I hadn't even used it yet.

well, to make a long story short, when I got home, I took the rewind off, dug out all the gravel.

took the power head and gear box off of the handle. the handle took the brunt of the punishment, that and the bit.

I put the handle in the vice and got a bar and did some straightening and by gum, it dont look to bad.

then the auger bit, like I said, I have experience in this department. so I put her down on some blocks and applied some jiggle pressure to various points on the shaft.

still using it today.

it still jiggles a little bit, but I take it in stride. I just tell myself, I wasn't meant to have a straight auger.

seriously, maybe take it to D Rock and see if they have a means to straighten them. I would think a guy could use a bress and blocks with a dial indicator to fix most problems with bent shafts.

better than a hundred some odd bucks for a new one!

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What's your location? If you're ever around Isanti, I have an extra 8" blade headed for the garage sale pile. Its off a Mag III, but I think they're interchangable. Its yours if you want it.

I'll roll it on the garage floor to make sure its straight. ;\)

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