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Public Hunting Grounds/Food Plots

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Anyone add little food plots to public hunting grounds?

I was looking at doing this and yes I have figured it will probably be hunted by others.

I was just wondering if I just spread it out and not til it, it may not be quite as noticeable to the novice hunter.

Do you think it will still grow and do you think the deer will hammer it before it gets going?

What would you recommend to plant?

I really am not looking for antler growth, just a food source.

Should I just toss out some grain seeds, or ?

Just looking for some feed back.

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Sorry to break it to you, but there's probably 2 problems with what you want to do. First, it's probably illegal, even if you don't till the ground. Second, you probably won't get much of anything to grow by just throwing out seed ---- you need to have tilled soil, adjust the ph and lime, control weeds, etc. to have reliable and effective food plots.

Your best bet on public ground is to do some legwork and scouting and find funnels and thick cover areas away from other hunters, and let them move the deer to you.

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Find some clear cuts. It's the cheapest food plot you can hunt over, and on public land. Sorry no info on actually planting but if you don't have the money and time for a real food plot it's not very successful. I've been down that road and clear/selective cuts in and around them just seem to be more productive.

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