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How to Store Bare Root Trees?


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Looks like the online nursery has already shipped some bare root apple trees to me. I would expect them to arrive in the next few days.

These were meant to be planted at our lake property near the Walker area, but the ground is obviously still frozen. Once I receive these should I attempt to heel them into the ground at my Twin Cities home? I'm assuming we're also 1-2 weeks out here for a thaw.

My other options are to keep them in their packaging in a cool location like the garage. Or possibly plant them in large containers and keep them cool/moist.

Any ideas out there? I wasn't planning on them coming for another 2-3 weeks. Thanks

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You can leave them in a fridge for I believe 10-14 days the gel their packed in will last about that long.Dont open the plastic bag they'll come in,save all the moisture that way,after 2 weeks you'd be wise to heel them in and get them in their perminent home soon as possible.Dont let em freeze that gel will freeze and could damage them.Its hard to think a nursery would send anything out this early,I normally complain they dont send mine early enough!Mine always arrive around mid to end of May.

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Yeah, they were ordered from a well know online nursery. I assumed they'd be a little more careful about our winter/spring status. I don't see an actual location for where they are, but it's obviously south of here some distance.

They do have a good garauntee policy. I'll keep all the documentation in case they don't make it. I think I'll try the cool and dark storage for a week. Put down some black landscape fabric in the area I want to heel them in and hope for some sun to thaw the ground there.

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