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Texas critters

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We spent last week waaaayyyy down south visiting family - spent a day on the beach on South Padre Island. It was 100 degrees the day we went to Mexico...that sun felt SO good cool.gif I can't wait for spring....

Not great pictures - but it's always fun to see what life looks like in a different part of the country!

The Rio Grande River at the International Bridge Crossing - Progresso, Mexico


A jellyfish washed up on the South Padre beach -


A Snowy Egret in Laguna Madre ( the inland side of South Padre Island)


Blue Heron at Laguna Madre


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Jackie, I think your great blue heron is actually a tri-colored heron.

Great shots, and thanks for sharing them. These are way cool. I've only been this far south a couple/three times, and I SURE could use a trip down there right now.

I especially like the reflection of the three onlookers in the jellyfish. Sweet!

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Thanks Steve - I wasn't sure about the ID on heron - I couldn't see the white on the front of the neck at all, I suppose there's plenty of variation - I saw the pictures from Dan on the earlier thread, and wondered if it was the same. We also saw several of Reddish Egrets, which I've never seen up here, and watched them fishing. It's a pretty neat sanctuary.

My sister took the jellyfish picture, I took one from a different angle and the reflection isn't as clear - hope she doesn't mind that I shared ;\)

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Last night, my wife answered the phone and a pre recorded message told her that she had won a free Caribbean cruise. It instructed her to push 8 to accept or 9 to decline. At first she got a bit excited, and then hung up without pushing a button. It's too bad that there is always a catch to these kinds of things.

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Nope, Never stepped on a jellyfish - haven't had the opportunity to see very many! When we walked on the beach we were so busy watching the ground, looking at whatever the waves rolled in we were much more likely to bump into each other!

Finnbay- we only got south of the border for a few hours, but the sunshine in south TX was a wonderful break from this long, long winter! I was hoping to get bikes out soon - now they're predicting up to 6 more inches of snow here on Thursday -- as Charlie Brown would say ARUGH!!!! 52 more days of school, hope they snow is gone by then!

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