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Family Picture!

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Here is a pict of my girls!!! It took a bit to get them all to pose, and I have a few that are upset that they were left out of the pict. But it would have been not a good thing to take a pict of them all.... So here are my girls.. please feel free to add a pict of yours as well!... I would love to see them!


From left to right...

04'Hoyt Ultra Elite XL Pro Limbs


Posten 28" Stab

Ultra Rest

Check it Sighte, D Scope(4x)

Bling Sling

Ultra Peep

05' Hoyt Ultra Tec XT2000 limbs


12" Doinker Stab

Trophy Taker Rest

Copper John Dead Nuts Pro Sight

String Splitter Peep

1993(I think) Hoyt ProStar Meridian


36" Easton Stab

Golden Eagle Ultra Rest

Tox 1500 Sight Stanislowski 7X scope

Bow on bottom--

1992 Hoyt Super Slam Fast Flight


Sight and rest removed...

I use the Ultra Elite for 3D and Outdoor Target..

The Ultra Tec for hunting

The ProStar for indoor spots.

The Super Slam is retired, but needed to be in the pict as it was the first bow I shot a perfect NFAA 300 with....I also qualified for ibo3D Nationas with the Ultra Tec.

Ok.. post up them picts!

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 Originally Posted By: Deitz Dittrich
I cant believe nobody has giving me a little ribbing about owning a pink bow?... ITS NOT REALLY PINK>. more purpleish.. LOL

I noticed it right away and was hopeing it was someones who carries a purse! whistle.gif

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A lovely family Deitz! But really, maybe you should practice some type of safe sex. How can you possibly give them all the personal attention and love they each deserve?

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Real men only see in 16 colors, like Windows default settings. Lilac, for example is a flower, not a color. Amathist is a stone. I have no idea what lavender is...

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Can't say I've reached family status yet, but I got this little girl last summer and hunted with her this fall a handful of times, passing up a couple shots. Hopefully this year I'll be out more and I won't be passing. She's waiting for her first kill.

Fred Bear SQ32

60 pound draw

Trophy Ridge Stabilizer

Whisker Bisket Rest

Tru Glo Sights

Fine Line Peep

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uhhhhhhh Dietz, this is a family site, don't you feel that photo of the girls is a little racey!!!!! I mean look at that young lady in the lavender, cough cough, She surely could tone it down just a bit.

Nice collection, you said you have more, are you exclusive to Hoyt?

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Muc-nope, not at all...However, they seem to be the ones that feel best in my hand when I have my checkbook out. I own one other hoyt that i use for bow fishing... then I have 2 recurves, one is a bear, the other I'm not even sure.

lawdog- you are so right.. I do need help... But I am having far to much fun to ask for it.. LOL

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 Originally Posted By: Deitz Dittrich
LMAO--- Now thats what I am talking about... I love it!!I think the technical name for the color was "Royal Amithist.".. LMAO

Ahem! The correct spelling for thst color is amethyst.Purple quartz,in the most basic terms.Sorry for being the spelling police for a momnet, but it really is spelled amethyst. grin.gif

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My bow fits perfectly in the case, and the case supports and protects the bow great, I really like how the Firm pockets inside help to support the bow as well as give you places to put your release, hardware, or any other smaller supplies. I think you will be very happy with your new purchase Code-man.

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Thats a nice looking case..

My most expensive bow(Ultra Elite) I have in my cheapest case.. I cant find a case to fit it into.. and I mean not even close. 4" or better at least... I have an old soft case that it barely fits in for now.

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Deitz my man gotta love the hoyt family. there is nothing better. i have got the lazertech for my hunting bow from the 75th year anniversery and i have got the 38 pro for my target bow and boy do i love that bow.

what is the size of your elite?(one lucky man) the elite should be able to fit into a SKB case.

Here is my baby


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Nice looking stick and string you got there Fishn.. thats down right sexy!!! love the colors..

My Ultra Elite have the LX PRO limbs similar to the 4000 limbs.. I'll have to check out the SKB case... I have yet to see anything in a shop that will fit.. LOL.

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Thanks Deitz. its the new riptide color. i dont kno if they made it again this year or not. but every year they always have something new that i always want to get. lol.

i was looking at the SKB cases and the 2skb-6000 is a single bow and the 2skb-6002 is a double and both of those should fit your elite. your axle to axle is 37.5 i believe and if so then this should fit.

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