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Tip Up line weight, backing etc. (novice question)

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Don't want to start a line war, but I have a very NOVICE question.

Where I fish, it would be rare to catch a pike over 10lb's. So, what line weight/type and backing(if any) is recommended on tip ups.

I currently have several of the large spools of the following, hopefully one of them will work.

10lb Trilene XT clear
10lb Fireline smoke
25lb Trilene big game
30lb Trilene big game

Thanks for the advice.

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Well, I basically just use mono on tip-ups, so I'm biased. Lots of guys use braided (which I don't like because it soaks up water and freezes stiff) or coated tip-up lines (which don't come in much volume for the money and don't go very far on my large-spool tip-ups). Mono also stretches, which the braids don't, and some stretch is a good thing when fighting a fish on a hand line. grin.gif

So it's good old mono for me. Others wouldn't use mono on their tip-ups to save their lives, and they have reasons that work for them. I expect a bunch of people will chime in, so take the advice that sounds best to you and have a blast.

Most of my tip-ups have Trilene XL 20 pound, and it's also rare for me to ice a pike over 10 lbs (13 was biggest ice pike so far).

I'd find your 10 lb line too light for pike, even smaller ones, which can snap it pretty easily. But if you want the tip-up to do double duty for walleyes, then you can spool it with the 10, put a wire leader on it for pike and take it easy when you get a chunky fish.

On my tips, when I want to fish walleyes, I just tie on several feet of lighter line to the 20 lb, and remember when I set the hook that I have a much lighter leader. So, in that case, the 20 acts as backing, I guess.

"Worry less, fish more."
Steve Foss
[email protected]

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I'm one of the braided Dacron users [without any coating]. Its limp with no line memory and comes off the spool smoothly. I like 30# test, its less likely to cut you hands when handlining a large fish barehanded. I use coated steel leaders for Pike and Vanish mono leaders for Walleye and Perch. I make up my Pike leaders with the hooks permanently attached and roll them up in a 3M electrical tape plastic can. That way they don't get kinked or catch other gear when transporting.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

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    • Only if Leech promises to keep his shirt on!
    • i've built/made about 8 of them.  took a piece of mild steel flat bar formed the chisled head by grinding the angle. had it hardened then took 1 1/2 or 2 inch pipe. cut out a slot for the flat bar fit it, welded it up. then took a plumbing end cap, steel, welded that to the pipe, then took a big washer, ground it to fit the end cap, welded it to end cap, then tied a rope to it.
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    • Depending how big you make it, I think the t handle will be awkward, prone to catching on stuff like your jacket, and it's unlikely to be held in a way that makes it useful.     I would put a hole or something for a wrist strap.  And if I was trying to be fancy I would give the upper part a coat of some gritty plasti-dip or a good wrap of hockey tape.
    • I agree Dave. But I hunt and fish and if I looked at it as a cost factor to gain!  Every dang one on this forum site knows the answer to that question! 😉   I just like to try stuff. One time I tapped the Maple trees in my back yard after spending a few bucks on taps and such. I made a block of maple sugar because I didn't know what the H I was doing, but it was Fun anyway!  🙂   Another time I made dried Sage smoke smudges like the Indians make, because some hippy dude at a old time Trapper rendezvous told me they help keep the misquotes away with out using spray. When our friends at the campground came over for a fire they asked if we were smoking Pot over here? 😅 This an't half of it but it's fun to try things. Makes life more interesting.