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Strugeonfish-arama! (4 pics)

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Was out ice fishing for cats a couple weeks ago and hooked into one that was really mad. This is what I have to show for it… (MH St. Croix Legend) 14# fireline, Okuma Epixor reel.


Turns out it was… 32.25”


Yesterday while walleye/sauger fishing on Pool 4 I got into something that owned me for about 20 minutes before this 43.5"er was netted. (Hooked in the lips)


A couple hours later my hook got into my first ever shovelnose. 29"er


Just over 20 days left until I target these fish for 4 straight days. I cannot wait.

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14# Fireline threw the ice :o, you da man Tyler!

Did not break the line, but the rod. By the way your winter is going I think you just wore that rod out ;). It is not a cheap one to replace, but you are still smile'in :). A true trooper.

Cool report dude cool.gif.

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What was funny about that broken rod, I was just in the process of reaching back to get the camera to snap a couple of "fight" pics, when I hear a snap! Without even looking I knew what just happened. Makes for an interesting story, like I told Ty, better than "I accidently stepped on it." Plus, I believe that the rod is still under warranty, and where that rod broke it is definately a manufacture defect. It broke right at the guide, and that means that they wrapped the guides to tight. Anyway, shortly after Ty landed that fish, I caught a 42 1/2 incher.


Not much chance of breaking this rod!! It is meant for lakers, but I use it for channel cats.


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Tyler, man you rock. That's one awesome day. I'm gonna have to hire a private investigator to tail you around and report back so I can figure out what you're doing.

I hope to catch a shovelnose this season. That's a nice one.

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I actually have set out to catch a shovelnose on purpose on many trips. I've probably logged on 500+ miles in the last 4 years searching this fish. Each time I've come up empty. Just plain bad luck I think.

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