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First open water fish of the year are...smallies?!


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Really got the blood pumping, it's a shame the season is so far away!

Was down walleye fishing on Pool 2 of the Miss(C&R year round). this evening, got zeroed on walleyes but managed 5 chunky smallies 15-17+ inch range on minnows in 6-10ft of water along rip rap.

It was only the second open water trip for me of the year and since I got nothing the first time, a 17"+ smallie was the first fish of the open water season! That's a new one.

Now I'm itching for bass season...And it's March...

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Sounds like fun!

Ive been thinking of trying pool 2 out but its probably still iced where I fish.

Were you fishing the main channel area? How were you rigging up the minnows?

Maybe Ill go down next week and fling some ringworms. If anything it will help get the rust off.

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Started off fishing the creek confluence jigging. Switched to a slip bobber rig with 1/8 ounce black jighead and a big fathead. Was targeting early walleyes honestly, usually the smallie bite is a little slow until April on rivers in my experience.

Moved to a deeper riprap area where the river makes a little bend and the water is slower(current actually doubles back on itself making a nice current seam and slower current) and deeper. Not truly the main channel, but pretty close. The fish seemed to be stacked up right there, didn't have bites if I moved one way or the other. Had 12 takers, 5 drops, 2 misses, and the 5 I landed.

If I wasn't headin back to WI, I'd be back there tommorrow flingin ringworms as well(but bringing the minnows of course just in case).

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