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Another New Rod From Limit Creek!

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For those that have used the line of rods from Limit Creek you know that they are the perfect combination of durability and sensitivity. I have been using these rods in some of the harshest conditions the Mississippi River has to offer. The "Smoothie" has been riding in my boat for nearly 2 years and has become standard equipment for cold weather walleyes. It performs well under all conditions and is sensitive enough for light rigging but can handle larger jigs or medium size crankbaits with ease.

This fish fell victim to a light jig pitched with a "Smoothie" to a sandflat in 12 degree temperatures a few nights ago!


Even though the "Smoothie" deserves more attention I want to tell you about the latest rod from Limit Creek. It is the 8'3" Medium Light Teloscoping Rod "The Slider". This is the rod that serious riggers have been asking for. The extra length allows for the much needed sweeping hooksets when using the extra long leaders today's anglers are using. It is also the perfect rod for slip bobbers as it will allow you to quickly pick up line for a more solid hookset.

The last few weeks I have been using this rod to spread lines and cover more water on the hot Pool 4 dragging bite. I have used this rod to drag 1/16 to 3/8 jigs and plastics for saugers and walleyes. It has a light enough tip to detect the lightest bites even when it is in a rod holder but has the back bone to wrestle the fish into the boat, but not without an exciting fight. The added length and perfect action makes the smaller fish feel larger and the bigger fish feel even bigger. Here is a dandy sauger that was fooled by the extra-wide line spread!


To check out the full line of rods Limit Creek has to offer CLICK HERE

Have fun and see you on the water!

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I had a chance to see the 8'3" "slider" in action on the river recently, and was very impressed by the versatility of this rod!

As is often the case with dragging jigs on the river, we're dealing with lots of line out, sometimes crossing current seams and variations in flow rate. This long rod not only allows you more control of your bait to pinpoint it along the seams, it allows you to pick up all that extra line with the sharp flick of a wrist.

With the telescoping action, it stows away in the rod locker, but unlike most telescoping rods, it provides you all the sensitivity and feel you need by utilizing better components.


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All the above is true but I still think the best feature is the rod is a blast to use. Like Mike said it has the backbone to fight bigger fish but is lightweight enough to make cathcing the small ones just as fun. I found it best to use a braided line with this rod for rigging. Increases your sensitivity and the rod has plenty of flex to handle braided lines. Should be a great rod for slip bobbers too.

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