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Remember this?


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 Originally Posted By: dtro
James River Shad Cam

Refreshes every 9 seconds

Let's see who can "capture" the biggest fish. Just do a print screen to capture the image, then treat it like any other picture.

Ummm thats.... a big one one on one of the other web sites.....

It would be really cool if they had a local one..... Say at LD 1 or LD 2......

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I got something!!!!!!!!!!!! LbHX+QRxwTFLrSlsM7yr+i2M39xjCx9Y0140.jpg

Just joking. This was from last year.

This was a cool link and I watched it for hours last year. These are other images I got.



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It looks like guy in a camo hunting jacket, walking threw the underwater area by the glass aquarium window pains of the man made channel for the shad.

Have not seen much yet. In a couple weeks, things should start up. I found around 8:00am-11:00 last years was the best time to watch.

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Man oh man, I can just see it now.. Now I will never get anything done.. hit the river, come home watch the cams.. sleep a minuet or two and hit the river again, maybe go to work now and again and hit the cam page again and again lol.. Thanks for that.. lol

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