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help needed

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its time for me to get a new bow and i need a little help. i know that they say to just go shoot as many bows as you can till you find the right one. but does anyone have any suggestions on good bows. trying to stay in the $300-$500 range. and i have a 31 inch draw

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Most bows go to a 30" draw length. If you can shoot a 30" draw length bow with a loop to get you close to 31" and it feels good you will have many more options.

First off, check out some 30" bows with a loop to see if they will work. For under $500 you could buy a pretty nice rig. Used or leftover stock from the previous years can get you some top of the line bows.

Don't get too caught up in speed or short ATA at your draw length. A long draw length gives you speed and usually longer ATA bows are more foregiving and accurate. I'd go around 34 inch ATA or more but some like the short bows.

I like to go to real archery shops to get my stuff but the Hunters friend HSOforum can give you some good ideas on prices and close out bows on line.

If I was in the market for a new bow that went to 31" draw for around $500 new I would look at the Pearson z-34.

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