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Mouth Calling


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KEE YOW is what you want to say for a yelp. When you can do the "National Anthem" you'll have it down pretty good. Seriously, use it in the car (as not to drive anyone crazy) and sing along to the tunes. Nothing beats practice.

Good luck, and don't forget to carry the box call...

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Basically, you're going for the hi/low "break" in the yelp. Cluck is just "chuck."

I can't overemphasize the pressure you need in your chest/gut, as well as the firmness in your jaw/mouth muscles.

Take a deep breath, and hold it, flexing your abdominal musles and creating pressure against your diaphragm. This will keep your air flow controlled and steady.

If you've ever played a musical instrument, you'll know what I mean when I say embouchure (pronounced omi-sher). It involves pursing your lips, and holding your facial muscles in a tight manner to again, promote consistency and control.

You need to be relaxed while doing both, and your mouth should get a bit sore at first if you practice enough, but that learned-position will help you call better with a diaphragm.


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Joel, did you play brass or woodwinds? \:D

That's a pretty good description of what it takes. I usually end up with a tongue that's a little numb, in a funky back-from-the-dentist way. Once you find that sweet spot you are good to go.

With any call you need to find the sweet spot, whether its drawing circles on a slate, finding the best sound on the lip of your box call, or finding the sweet spot on the diaphragm.

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A bit off subject but in addition to the words you use a couple other related factors. For me it can be the brand of call but more likely the number of reeds and the cut - I can take two calls from the same company and be happy with the sound I get out of one and the other sounds like junk....reeds and cut on top.

Also, I cannot purr on a mouth call - I can't roll my tongue and produce that sweet barred owl sound at the end of a series...we're all built a little different. Nonetheless you'll find out with time, practice, and experimenting that you can call more than good enough with a diaphragm to kill turkeys....much more important variables than contest quality calling skills to kill turkeys. Let us know how things progress.

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There are a couple of ways to do the purr on a mouth call. I do the lip buzz technique like you're giving someone the raspberry. ;\) The tongue flutter technique is too inconsistent for me.

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No way! Purring on a mouth call is the most realistic of any if done right!

1. Try buzzing the lips

2. Try fluttering the tongue

3. Try making the vibrato come from the back of your throat (i.e. gargling)

I personally use #3 as I think it's the more easily reproducible and consistent with for myself. If you can gargle saltwater or mouthwash, you can do the same thing with a diaphragm in your mouth.

Or make the race car sound going through the gears. \:\) Same thing.


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You dirty corklickers - it was in the past and I was well into the healing stage until now, thanks a lot crazy.gif Guess I'll have to giver a try again - if it doesn't work out you're in big trouble!!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • yea that place is awesome!!!   been years since I was there...  maybe a road trip and stop at Bongards too!!!  
    • We actually hardly buy any of the candy, but they have so much other good stuff like the Pies, apple bread, canned and jar pickled stuff, hot sauces etc. 😋
    • I drive by that candy barn all the time its crazy how busy it always is. Ive lived not 5 miles from it for 49 years. Been there once.
    • I'm game to try anything but yeah, I'm not into a lot of fruit or sweety meats.  Plus we made our one trip a year down to the Big yellow candy store already this year. 😋
    • 🙄yea you lost me when you mentioned honey!!!!!! and honestly i'm not a fan of all those "extra"ingredients in my meats.....especially that high temp cheese......yucky!!!!   plantenbergs has all kinds of that type of stuff.......i pass, only get plain sausage and brats.   iffin i was still on the union payroll i would take ya up on that as i travelled through belle plaine on my way back from siouxfalls now and then!!!!! now that i'm on a srick budget......thats a long way to go fer a weinie!!!!!🤣
    • Take a trip down to Belle Plaine. I'll show you some good hot dogs.   Just made Minnesota style summer sausage (blueberries wild rice and honey) for thew first time today.     
    • i've lived in Richmond and now cold spring all my life. my brother ordered a half of beef from this place called Homegrown meats , had never heard of it. know why now, when i picked it up it was established in 2020.  its just south of browns lake at the intersection of 22 and cty rd 43.  nice little place.   he called both Plantenbergs and breagelmans in Richmond........they are 6 months out. Breagelmans actually referred my brother to this place.  he said it was cheaper also!!!!!   i'll be taking some venny trimmings to Mcdonalds in 2 weeks for summer sausage and sticks!!!!!   plantenbergs will get the rest for bologna and hot dogs!!!!! you cant eat other bologna or weiners once you've had theirs!  mcdonalds SS and sticks are also topof the line as far as i'm concerned!
    • Which one?  I've been trying them all around the cloud.  Just had Elk burgers from McDonald's Clear lake last week and Bison tonight.  
    • Burgers from a new butcher shop.👍 good flavor 
    • The big pogo stick front shocks took a little getting used too.  
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