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Got a Fuji S700 to get my feet wet with digital. Fun little camera. These were quite a ways out on the lake. I couldn't tell what they had until I got home and loaded the pictures. They were 200+yards away from me.

1/169 sec



ISO 200

I cropped two thirds of the picture out and moved the color from blue snow to closer to white.

Two questions.

Are film cameras worth keeping anymore?

If I jump into digital, how much difference would there be between a 10.1 megapixel to a 12.1 megapixel?

I have always had Canon Rebel cameras. I am definately an ameteur, but have had a few pictures published in local tourist guides and sold a few.

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Film cameras only are worth keeping if you like shooting with film. It's totally a personal preference thing.

There's very little difference in the ultimate size of the print you can make when comparing 10 and 12 Mp sensors.

What does matter is the sensor size. A large DSLR sensor with 10 Mp, for example, will generally produce prints of better quality and larger ultimate size than a 12 Mp sensor off a point-and-shoot. That's because pixel size is so much larger on a larger sensor that digital noise and grain are smaller issues. The more pixels you pack onto a sensor, the more noise/grain you're going to get.

As an apples-to-apples comparison, a 10 Mp DSLR sensor, compared with a smaller 10 Mp point-and-shoot sensor, will deliver much better image quality at iso settings of 400 and above.

Which digital cameras are you considering?

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I probably will stay with Canon. I don't think I can afford anything more than a Rebel. I hope to keep my lenses, a 35-80 and a 75-300. I know the old lenses should work with a digital but the image taken won't be the same thing I see through the lens. Just that I have several filters and am comfortable with these lenses.

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Well, you know how the web works. This and a couple other photos were emailed to me and the location was listed as Eagle River. I've also seen the same exact fish caught from several different lakes from different states and even from different countries. ;\) The only way to really know is if we were there personally.

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 Originally Posted By: buzzsaw
Looks like Jean Keanes place in Homer Spit to me.

I am about 99.9% buzz is correct on that location. An aside her place had a fire in February or late January, not sure if she is moved back or not.

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Thanks Dan. That was interesting. I thought it was some woman that both you and Buzz dated at one time. ;\) You both seemed to know her. Although, one of the pictures emailed me showed a bunch of people with tripods and pro cameras, amongst the eagles. I'm kind of wondering if the photos I saw were from multiple locations. According to the link, people are supposed to stay in their cars, at the eagle lady's spread. Anyway, quite the woman.

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