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Neck injuries


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Well, I'm relatively new to the hockey scene, as my daughter is dating a college goalie.

They are at the Wild game tonight.

I rememeber at one of her boyfriends games this year, a shot came in high on the goal, he reached up to block and while he was looking up I seen nothing but neck exposed in a flurry of players, sticks and skates. It scared the [PoorWordUsage] out of me at the time, but what do I know about this sport? Nothing. It just kind of locked into my brain at the time

After watching all 3 game of Mavericks vs Gophers(tremendous effort on both squads, by the way) later on that night on the same channel (FSN) , there was a sport show, highlighting and documenting all kinds of sports injuries. Bean balls in baseball, bat backs etc. .

but the most gruesome thing I seen, was the Clint Malarchek video. Now, I see that last month, Richard Zednick suffered a neck injury also. Watching these injuries about made me pass out, they are that gruesome and happen that fast.

I realize the Malarchek incident was almost 20 years ago. but

Over the years, Ive ( along with my wife and daughter) witnessed 3 racers die of injuries in a crash, but somehow this footage gets to me worse than any of those events. I dont know what it is, but I just know this bothers me.

Should I be bothered by this, or am I getting soft? ( dont answer that!)

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It's just crazy to see blood come gushing out of someone with that velocity......I only watched each incident one time and that was all I could handle.

You are not getting soft at all I will say I'd be more concerned about the daughter dating a goalie.....they tend to be a bit flaky....... grin.gif

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I wouldn't worry about it too much. Yeah it can be kind of a violent sport, but those type of injuries tend to be very flukish. Think of all of the players that it never happens to. The percentage is very small. You could get hurt just as bad sitting in the bleaches and having a wild puck hit you.

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The injuries are freakish and should worry about nothing. My wife works at a hospital and watched the Zednik highlight over and over again along with the Gopher guy getting injured the other night. I guess some people can handle while others can't, myself included.

Goalies are weird. crazy.gif

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