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our boys looking at war


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Hello Fellas,

I'm the creator of http://www.SoldierGram.us and I just wanted you all to know that I appreciate you talking about the site and posting on it. Please keep the postings coming. We routinely get messages from our troops overseas and from all indications... they love to hear what people back home are saying.

Please pass the word about the site. It's free and it's non-commerical in any way.

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I served in Gulf War I. The support of the American people was a great comfort to myself and all those who served with me. Sending a thanks to our Brothers/Sisters, Sons/Daughters, Husbands/Wives, Lovers/Friends will provide a sense of pride in them as much as they just being there give us a sense of pride.
Send a Soldiergram, send a letter, let all the Americans serving know we are here and we care.
Those who would detract from the real mission, getting rid of the threat of OBL and his ilk, having access to VX, Antharx and radiological weapons, should pull their heads out of the oil soaked sand. Perhaps they forgot about what happened one sunny day in Sept. May we never know come to realize the horror that the above agents could reap.

Semper Fi from a past HM2.
Fish on Dude

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Thanks for the link. I'm sending one off now.I sent the link off to a bunch of my friends also.I was in the Air Force 20 years ago and agree that everybody needs to support our troops more now, than ever. So just send them a short note saying that your behind them a hundred percent.

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