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**Free Fishing Seminar on 4 Premier MN Lakes**


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So who wouldn't want free fishing advice on 4 premier MN lakes?

Who wouldn't want to fish on Rainy, Bemidji, Winnie and W. Battle Lakes all in the same summer!


Take a few minutes to visit the links below and check out what the FishingMN sponsered LETS League is all about. And I can tell you it is all about having fun, fishing great lakes, learning a ton of information from fellow anglers and Pro-Staff, and enjoying the great lakes of MN!

League Rules, Schedule and Info

Other LETS Happenings!



Memories revisted for the year gone by!

If you are looking for a fishing partner for this league post here:

After seeing all this and you still have an excuse not to join the league this summer, I'd like to hear it, because it has got to be awfully good not to experience all this!

Join in the fun, we'd love to have ya!

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Anyone interested in a partner without a boat, shoot me an e-mail. Bought a house last Sept., and the wife thinks it more important to put in a new kitchen than buy a boat. I'm readily available for any of the weekends, and I can hold my own for any fish, with the exception of bass. They've never really interested me.

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Although I will not be able to fish the LETS I recommend others give it a try. It is a great bunch of guys fishing 4 great fisheries. The fee is minimal and it includes a big meal one night.

Fishing the LETS will make you a better angler guarenteed! I call it competition in a relaxed learning environment. If you have ever thought about trying some tournament fishing, this is the series for you.

I would be interested in hearing what the guys that fished this series last year for the first time thought.

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I fished last year for the first time, having never fished a league or tournament on open water.

Our team, finsihed right in the middle of the pack, but that wasn't why I joined. I wanted to learn how to catch fish and catch fish consistantly.

I am such a better fisherman this year having taken part in this league last year. $75 entry fee, per event, which includes an amazing meal, is a very cheap opportunity for the amount of advice and confidence I have gained as a result.

There are many others out there who fished this league for the first time last year, including one persons partner who drove from Nebraska for every event! He truely knows how much fun this league is!

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You will be missed, Scott.

I learned A LOT about fishing with all these guys. Everyone is good about sharing tactics and what is working for them....but doesn't mean it always worked for us, but hey, that's fishing!

When I first started these events a couple years back I fished a couple events solo, and I was lucky to even bring in a fish! smile.gif I didn't care. It was just a great way to meet new people and learn new ideas on fishing.

Now I'm hooked on these tourneys. We fish new lakes all over, and get to enjoy our beautiful state.

Fishing for multi-species of fish keeps it really interesting too. The days really fly by...almost too fast.

I would highly recommend this to anyone!!

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Yes there is still room.

And no you are not required to fish all the events, however the fee is the same no matter how many events you fish. If you do not fish an event you will not score any points for that event, we did have a few teams last year that could not make it to all of the events, some actually still finished strong by placing high at other events.

Take a look in the events forum for up to date information, and we would love to have you.

If you think you want to fish and plan on making the Rainy event, I wouldn't delay. I think Woody still has room at his resort and it is sure to be a great time there!

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