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Jiffy Auger Gear Lube


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I have a Jiffy Auger that is about 10 years old, I have never done anything to the gear case - Should I? Last time I used it it seemed a bit grindy. I pulled one bolt off the bottom that seemed a bit differtnet from the others abd nothing came out- there wasn't a gasket, just a lock washer. If you are supposed to fill it how do you do it?


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If the problem is not related to the engine, refer call to the nearest Jiffy Authorized Service Center for service tips and repair.

For the location of the nearest Jiffy Authorized Service Center, call Feldmann Engineering at 920-467-6167.

For the location of the nearest Tecumseh Authorized Service Center, call 1-800-558-5402.

Engineering and Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Phone: 920 467-6167 ~

Toll Free: 800-344-0712 in U.S.
877-289-2313 in Canada ~
Fax: 920 467-6169

E-mail: [email protected]

I have never tour up a Jiffy gearbox in all the years I have ran a Jiffy. I am not sure if it is a dry clutch box, or a wet box with 80/90 gear lube in it? Good question?

Drop them a call, they will be happy to answer that for you.

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I have a Jiffy that I bought used. The guy that sold it to me never greased it so the gears and bearings wore out. Mine has a grease fitting on the bottom of the gear case that you can use a regular grease gun that you would lube your car with. If you are hearing a grinding noise it may be too late to just grease it. I suggest taking all of the bolts off take hold the case together and check for worn parts. I got most of the gears and bearings from Jiffy for $40.00 but that was over 20 years ago. Good luck! Wishin2BFishin

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There are gears and bushings inside your Jiffy gear case, take the bolts out and carefully pry the case apart. (heating the gasket area with a heat gun slightly may make this easier, and help save the gasket.) Check your gears, clean the innards with some WD40 and a brush and a rag, and if everything's intact, dab liberelly with some all temp grease, and reassemble.

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